Want To Educate Yourself On Sustainable Travel? Read These Five Books

Want To Educate Yourself On Sustainable Travel? Read These Five Books
Five Books On Sustainable Travel. Credit: Shutterstock,

As we face the full wrath of the climate crisis, it's crucial to understand how we travel and its implications

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September 23 , 2022
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Even after years of debates and discussions, the term 'green travel' is still confusing for many. Yet, as we face the full wrath of the climate crisis and travel revives from the havoc caused by the pandemic, it's crucial to understand how we travel and its implications. Here's a look at five books to read and educate yourself on sustainable travel.

'The Last Resort' by Sarah Stodola


The Last Resort. Credit: Ecco
In this travel narrative, Stodola investigates beach resort culture's history and charm and its effect on the environment and local communities. By taking readers to destinations such as the Jersey Shore and Bali, she reveals the facade of this significant global industry.

'Sustainable Travel' by Holly Tuppen

Sustainable Travel. Credit: White Lion Publishing
A travel expert for whom sustainability is crucial to saving our planet and communities, Tuppen, in this book, proposes an overview of sustainable travel and its relation to the environmental crisis. It is loaded with suggestions for the traveller inside you. It also motivates by stories of regenerative travel from around the world.

'Horizon' by Barry Lopez

Horizon. Credit: Knopf
In this book, Lopez uses his literary voice and experience of travelling in more than 70 countries to create an autobiography full of curiosity, urgency and distress. He writes: "Our question is no longer how to exploit the natural world for human comfort and gain, but how we can cooperate to ensure we will someday have a fitting, not a dominating, place in it."

'A Life on Our Planet' by David Attenborough

A Life on Our Planet. Credit: Ebury Press
In this testament, explorer and conservationist Attenborough reflects on the ecological destruction he has witnessed over the last 70 years. He points out "the true tragedy of our time: the spiralling decline of our planet's biodiversity" and offers much-needed hope.

'Overtourism' edited by Martha Honey and Kelsey Frenkiel

Overtourism. Credit: Island Press
In this, Honey and Frenkiel present more than 20 case studies with perspectives from tourism whizzes. They outline sustainable management possibilities for destinations like historic cities, parks, World Heritage spots, beaches and coastal societies.

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