Great Barrier Reef Is Getting An Underwater Museum

Great Barrier Reef Is Getting An Underwater Museum
The Great Barrier Reef, Australia , Photo Credit: Shutterstock

The Museum Of Underwater Art is all set to open its first installation in December this year

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August 12 , 2019
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An underwater dive in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, sounds like an interesting idea. To add more to this spellbinding dive, a new underwater museum is coming up for the divers to experience during their swim. In an attempt to make the masses aware of the effects of global warming on an eco system, the Great Barrier Reef is getting the Museum Of Underwater Art, this December.

The sites proposed for Museum of Underwater Art are primarily within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, near the coast of Townsville, Australia’s global centre for Marine Science.


Underwater art installations life the pressure off natural reefs which, over the past few decades, have been over-fished and over-visited. By diverting attention to underwater art installations, natural reefs have now been given a greater chance to repair and to regenerate.

The British designer, Jason deCaires Taylor, is the principal designer of the museum. According to their website, ‘Taylor’s projects aim to usher in a new era for tourism, one of cultural and environmental awareness, with the hope that more tourists may begin to reconceptualise our beaches as more than sunny paradises but living and breathing ecosystems.’

‘The artworks will be at several locations along the Queensland coast, including the John Brewer Reef, and Magnetic Island, Palm Island and Townsville. The first, Ocean Siren, due to open in December 2019, is on the Strand in Townsville. The solar-powered sculpture of a young indigenous girl will change colour as a visual warning of critical warming, using live water-temperature data from the Australian Institute of Marine Science. It will be exposed at low tide and underwater at high tide,’ as reported by The Guardian.

Wondering what to expect at this museum? You can have a look at their website here.

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