Moving Spirits : Púca Festival To Be Held In Ireland This Halloween

Moving Spirits : Púca Festival To Be Held In Ireland This Halloween
If you like Halloween, you should be headed to Ireland this year ,

Ireland is keen to bring back home the Púca festival during Halloween this year

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August 04 , 2019
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Halloween is the time to binge on scary movies, dress in whacky costumes and perhaps eat a lot of candy (no judgement here). But as Halloween gains feat and becomes more of a global phenomenon, Ireland is keen to bring the festival back home. Irish folklore traces the roots of Halloween to the Samhain festival that marked the turn of seasons, from summer to winter. It celebrated the end of the Celtic year, and honoured the dead who passed on to their next life.

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Happy Halloween Everyone! Are you all out celebrating tonight or do you not care for Halloween at all? 💀 ___ Also, did you know that Halloween has been around for quite some time? It is believed that the inventors of this special day are the Celtic clans that lived around 2000 years ago. The Celts celebrated the change of seasons with the festival of Samhain on November 1st when summer was officially over and the dark and cold winter time began. Summer was the time for harvest and warmth, hence winter was often associated with hunger and human death. The Celts believed that in the night before Samhain the frontier between the living and the dead was lifted and the spirits of the dead were able to enter the world of the living. It was also the best time for Druids to look into the future. For that the Celts built large bonfires to sacrifice to their gods. During the festival the Celts wore costumes that consisted of different animal heads, skins and wood. With time Samhain merged together with similar festivals of other cultures such as the Roman Feralia. In order to suppress the pagan beliefs the Church tried to exchange them with a church-approved day to honor the dead: All-Saints Day or All-Hallows on Nov 1st. The church was however not entirely successful and the traditional Day of the Celtic festival was still celebrated on All-Hallows Eve, which later turned into Halloween. 👻

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Coming to County Meath and County Louth from October 31 to November 2, the Púca Festival will see beautiful light installations and interactive areas that will project ancient Ireland’s sites.

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â–» Explore the original birthplace of Halloween â—… –––––––––––––– #pucafestival #irelandsancienteast #instaireland #insta_ireland #madeinireland #wanderireland #joepic #ireland #beautifuldestinations #loves_ireland #ireland_daily #irelandtravel #discoverireland #loveireland #tourismireland #trim #athboy #drogheda #meath #louth

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PÚCA FESTIVAL â–» 31 OCT - 2 NOV 2019 â—… Celebrating Ireland’s authentic claim to be the original birthplace of Halloween. PÚCA will capture the ancient spirit of Samhain across three breathtaking nights of music, food, light and spectacle in Athboy, Drogheda and Trim. Link in bio ^ –––––––––––––– #pucafestival #irelandsancienteast #instaireland #insta_ireland #madeinireland #wanderireland #joepic #ireland #beautifuldestinations #loves_ireland #ireland_daily #irelandtravel #discoverireland #loveireland #tourismireland #trim #athboy #drogheda #meath #louth

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Named after a character in Celtic folklore, Púca will also see Samhain characters with pagan roots celebrated. The festival is encouraging local artists and musicians to take centre stage, with rich food and many workshops. And of course, a lot of fun and spooky costumes. The festival will be much like its namesake, bringing good fortune and tidings to whoever crosses its way.
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