Hotelier Sumit Anand Spreads Love With His New Hotels

Hotelier Sumit Anand Spreads Love With His New Hotels
Sumit Anand, Photo Credit: Puneet K. Paliwal

Hotelier Sumit Anand is all set to launch his Luvstay hotel chain featuring love theme-based rooms

OT Staff
January 13 , 2019
03 Min Read

When and why did you create Luvstay? Rumour has it that it had something to do with a trip to Corbett.

It’s not a rumour at all. I was on a trip to Corbett National Park with my girlfriend who belonged to a different culture, because of which we were declined a hotel room. This vulnerable experience gave me the idea to start love stays, to enable people in love to spend some good time together.


In a nutshell, how does it work?

We have a website called through which couples can book hotel rooms in the same way would on other travel portals/apps.

How wide is your network?

At the moment, we serve 40 cities with almost 600 hotels and have an inventory of more than 10,000 rooms, including cities like Indore, Patna, Bhopal, Ghaziabad, etc, which are considered strongly conservative.

How did you convince hotels to come on board?

Initially, it was tough. We used to visit 10–15 hotels daily, out of which barely two would be convinced. We had to educate them about all the possible rules, regulations and legal aspects. Also, we made them understand the revenue model and how it was a lucrative proposition. 

What does the law say about consenting but unmarried adults engaging in sexual activities in a hotel room?

Consensual relations between adults including pre-marital sex are no offence under any related Act. 

What’s the price point you’re targeting?

We are offering the best of services at a starting price of `900 for 10 hours with all functional amenities.

Why shouldn’t your customers book directly with the hotel?

People do not want to indulge in extra pain or go the extra physical mile when it comes to finding a property to stay for a short time, let alone a safe and private stay. Couples generally feel nervous and also worry if rooms will be unavailable at the last moment. We assure these couples the safest stay at the best prices, adding voucher credits for cheap consecutive stays, discount codes, goodies, gift/surprise options, and so on, that hotels cannot offer them directly. Also, most of our customers value their security above saving a few bucks and, with Luvstay, they know they are in safe hands.

How do you choose a hotel to partner with?

Before shortlisting any hotel we check reviews by travellers. Then Karan, Nischal (co-promoters of Luvstay) or I anonymously book that hotel and check each and everything including hidden cameras, police raid history, staff treatment, etc. Then our sales team visits to cross-check/ verify all the first inspection conclusions. We follow 30 strict parameters to assess hotels, including hygiene, staff behaviour, and ambience.

Once a hotel is on board, how do you ensure they remain up to the mark?

Our greatest guide is the first-hand feedback we receive. Besides, our dedicated inspecting team audits each and every property at regular intervals. And, in between, we send our cupids to avail the services of Luvstay by assigning them as undercover agents.

You are a sort of messiah for couples. How does that make you feel?

We are providing what is the need of the hour. We offer our services openly, and that is what we are proud of.

Your business is thriving because India is still quite conservative. As that changes, what does the future hold for Luvstay?

With a skyrocketing population and increasing awareness of unsafe sexual practices, India is more than ready for love hotels. And it represents a lucrative investment opportunity for investors due to its oversized return.

We’ve even heard that you’re about to launch your own hotel chain? What will that be like?

We are very excited to launch this as early as possible. Our Luvstay hotel chain will feature exclusively love theme-based exotic rooms. Couples will find them very attractive.

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