Quirky Safety Video Announcements

Quirky Safety Video Announcements
An airplane in full flight, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

May we have your attention, please?

OT Staff
January 08 , 2019
02 Min Read

Do you actually pay heed to those boring safety instructions while flying? While some may not grab your attention (the turbulence certainly will), they serve a very important purpose. And you wouldn't want to be caught unbeknownst should a 'situation' occur. We are happy that certain airlines around the world have been coming up with creative safety videos to keep passengers entertained and informed. Here are five such videos.

A screenshot of the Tap Air Portugal safety announcement video


The dreamy video produced by TAP AIR PORTUGAL is shot in a variety of locations: the serene beaches of Portugal, a luxury train, a cheerful carnival and thick forests, among others. Different characters breeze in and out of the frame, explaining the safety instructions.

A screenshot of the Singapore Airlines safety announcement video

SINGAPORE AIRLINES’ beautifully shot five-minute video takes the viewer out of the aircraft cabin and into the expanse of the city-state. A cabin-crew member visits famous landmarks while performing everyday tasks that mirror safety steps passengers must take while flying.

A screenshot of the Turkish Airlines safety announcement video

TURKISH AIRLINES has a new video that is serious and funny in equal measure. Their latest collaboration with Warner Bros. has a star cast that isn't even human. Three million Lego blocks and characters are part of this stop-motion presentation that took 900 days to produce!

A screenshot of the Air New Zealand safety announcement video

Upping its game in the all-out safety-video war that has seemed to grip the world, AIR NEW ZEALAND's video has a 600-strong cast and a twist—instructions delivered through rap. Filmed at multiple locations, the insanely colourful video has people dancing to 'It's Kiwi Safety'.

A screenshot of the British Airways safety announcement video

Who knew that a blend of humour and safety instructions can work so effectively? BRITISH AIRWAYS’ star-studded video features celebrities ‘auditioning’ for the position of a flight attendant. It makes passengers laugh as well as imbibe the important messages.

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