Flying On The Thai Airways Boeing 727-9 For The First Time

Flying On The Thai Airways Boeing 727-9 For The First Time
The interiors of the Thai Airways Boeing 787-9,

What happens when someone with a slight distrust of flights takes a Boeing to Bangkok for the very first time?

Anshika Nagar
October 28 , 2018
02 Min Read

For someone with a fear of heights and a preference for slow-paced trains, flying is not an enjoyable experience. Add to this my flight to Bangkok was post-midnight. These facts combined, you were sure to find an extremely grumpy version of me. Nevertheless, armed with a book and a traveller’s playlist (complete with the excitement of a first-time business class traveller), I trudged along several check posts, before collapsing on a chair near the boarding gate.

My Thai Airways Royal Silk experience began with an early boarding. I was quickly ushered to my seat, my backpack stowed safely, and I was given a hot towel and a blooming orchid. Much like the flower, the Boeing’s interiors was bright purple. The plush seats offered full recline, plenty of legroom, a spacious storage and an in-flight entertainment system. Perhaps, this wouldn’t be so terrible after all, I thought.

Something has to be said about the Thai Airways’ service. The flight attendants were prompt and warm, fussing over me in a non-intrusive way. Soon, the lights dimmed to a purple glow and soft music cut off the roar of the engines. Before I knew it, we were in the air.

It began then, this continuous effort to change my opinion on flying. I was offered a selection of drinks, served with dry and candied fruits. Next came the piping hot main course. Playing it safe, I had requested the Indian meal—I wasn’t disappointed. I was so focussed on my meal, that it was only when I was waiting for dessert did I turn my attention to the entertainment system.

In partnership with Panasonic’s eXTV television network, Thai Airways recently launched their live TV service. Though accessible across all service classes with no extra charge, the live TV is only available in the Boeing 787-9 and Airbus A350-900. I could watch Al Jazeera, BBC, CNN, CNBC and various sports channels. This service kicked off just before the Fifa World Cup and Wimbledon, allowing sports fanatics to enjoy the matches in real time with the rest of the world and be part of the pulsating energy reverberating around the stadiums.

Apart from this exclusive feature, Thai Airways offers wifi onboard and a wide range of latest movies and TV shows. The idea that we don’t necessarily have to be disconnected when in the air is truly exciting. Perhaps it isn’t long, then, before we can continue our binge-watching sessions 35,000 feet above the ground. With that comforting thought, I was lulled to sleep. I reclined my seat and snuggled deeper, only to wake up as we touched down in Bangkok.

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