Instatravel: Daniel Kordan

Instatravel: Daniel Kordan

This landscape photographer from Russia finds his inspiration in nature

May 12 , 2017
07 Min Read

With over 704k followers, photographer Daniel Kordan (@danielkordan) has some of the most painting-like landscape photographs you will find. Growing up in a lake region near Moscow, Daniel was always exposed to some picturesque surroundings. Perhaps that helped him develop a flair for photography. Check out some pictures from his account below.

This one's from Torres del Paine in Chile

Spirits of Patagonia. Ocean of mist over Rio Serrano in Torres del Paine national park. First rays of sun with peach alpenglow. Can you spot an old man with beard? That's a "spirit" ;) #Patagonia #Chile #Torres #TorresdelPaine #nikon

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Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

Today's beautiful warm autumn evening at Perito Moreno glacier, a quick phone snap. I just love this place. With tremendous sounds of calving ice skyscrapers, singing of birds and autumn golden framing around... workshop #Patagonia #Argentina #peritomoreno

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Somewhere in Greenland

We come to this world to explore. To meet the most sacred places of our planet. When I'm asked what's my current favorite destination, I'm saying with no doubts - Greenland. I like to explore this magical place for photography. Thanks to my friends we have a beautiful tough yacht "Peter the great" and professional sailing crew. You still have chance to join our expeditions this year. That's what I've got today: 1 spot on Baffin island expedition, 3-18 July 2 spots on Disko bay midnight sun adventure with enormous icebergs, 29 July - 4 August; 1 spot in September "Big Walls" sailing expedition in South Greenland. Crazy granite sharp mountains and northern lights, 19-28 September. 3 spots in Svalbard polar bear expedition on Malmo ship at the best light situation this year, 1-11 September, with @iuriebelegurschi You may review my expedition itineraries and join at Live like explorer! #greenland

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Lofoten Islands, Norway

I'm currently teaching my groups how to photograph northern lights at Lofoten islands, so these tips below might be useful. This is selection of photos I was lucky to make last season with my groups at Lofoten islands. For over 2 weeks, Aurora was shining for us 3-4 nights, and that is quite a gift from a mother nature. These photos were made at Skagsanden beach, Uttakleiv, and in Reine, last one in South Greenland. I consider Lofoten as the best place on Earth for Northern lights photography. Where else in the world you can find beautiful mountains, sea, and quite comfortable conditions (average temperatures are about 0 C)? But still to catch northern lights is very tough task here due to weather. If you have your own favorite place to shoot Northern Lights please suggest in comments. All photos are made with Nikon D810 + 14-24 Nikkor. How to shoot northern lights? If aurora is weak I setup 30 s, f/2.8, iso 2500 - 3200 If aurora is dancing I setup 5-15 s, f/2.8, iso 1600-3200 For nights when moon lights up landscape, I use lower iso, around 800. Focusing manually via live view (on star or the bright object, exposure simulation mode) of the scale on the lens on hyper-focal distance. Note that you shouldn't focus on optical infinity. For most of the images I apply the focus stacking technique or the vertical panorama technique (refocusing in different frames). This serves for enlarging the DOF (apertures are really open, that shortens the DOF). Sometimes I make "iso bracketing", I setup iso 400-800 and expose the land for 1-5 minutes. That's in case landscape is very dark. Then I merge this shot (I take land from long exposure) and dancing aurora from shot with high iso and fast shutter speed. Merging in Photoshop using masks. If you want to learn from me, you are welcome to join my workshops, Lofoten groups will be in January next year: All shots were made with Nikon D810 + 14-24 nikkor #lofotenislands #lofoten #norway #Nikon

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