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The actor and singer admits being overwhelmed by the success of his famous hit track 'Kolaveri Di'

Kavita Devgan
April 01 , 2014
03 Min Read

OT: You’ve been travelling and shooting for your films for over a decade now. Is there a place you love to return to?

Dhanush: Chennai. Because it’s home. And I can spend time with my kids. Outside India, I love Queensland; it’s also what comes to mind first when I hear the word ‘scenic’.


OT: And when you are not working, where do you like to go for a vacation?

Dhanush: I love roulette. So anywhere I can find a casino.

OT: What’s it like when you travel with your family?

Dhanush: Aishwarya, my wife, loves shopping and I go along to carry the bags. So you can imagine what my family holidays are really like!

OT: Have you been travelling a lot after ‘Kolaveri Di’ went viral—with versions in countries as far afield as China, Egypt, Afghanistan? Any impromptu jigs on or anecdotes from your trips?

Dhanush: I've been too busy to travel, really. But I was surprised to see the flash mobs in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, America… Recently, a friend was in Spain. While he was checking in at a hotel, apparently he heard a Spaniard singing the song. All this truly feels like magic.

OT: Where did you grow up? Do you remember what your summer holidays were like back then?

Dhanush: I was born and brought up in Chennai. And I’ll always cherish the memories of my mom taking us to her village in the summers. Those trips were special.

OT: If you had to recommend a place in your home state (Tamil Nadu), what would you pick?

Dhanush: Madurai. Because of its culture, the Meenakshi Amman temple, yummy food and many, many more reasons.

OT: One place you’d like to strike off your bucket list?

Dhanush: Las Vegas and you already know why. Casinos!

OT: Any major travel disasters?

Dhanush: Oh, yes. Once I planned a guys’ trip with my school friends to Monaco. I made all the arrangements. We even got our visas. But at the airport, one of my friends was stopped from boarding the flight as his passport was going to expire in less than six months. When we applied for the visa, he had seven months at hand. Ultimately, we had to cancel the trip and go back home!

OT: We know your wife likes shopping. What about you? What do you bring back usually?

Dhanush: I usually buy watches, DVDs, books and sometimes, fancy gadgets. Recently, I bought a PlayStation Vita.

OT: Five things you always carry with you

Dhanush: My laptop, script book, moisturiser, PS Vita and iPad.

OT: do you like to read on your travels?

Dhanush: Any good piece of fiction. Currently, I am reading Jeffery Archer’s Clifton Chronicles.

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