Jude Law

Jude Law

Actor, director and film producer has fallen in and out of love with London

Amit Dixit
October 07 , 2014
02 Min Read

OT: Your favourite city?
Jude Law:
My favourite city would have to be London. I was born there, I live there, I’ve fallen in and out of love with it at times, but of late with a new home, I’ve moved into and watching my children growing up here, I love this place.

OT: What are the five things you always travel with?
Jude Law:
I’ve been advised over the years by people far more intel­ligent and far more seasoned than me to carry a couple of really cool items. One is a bottle of Tabasco, because you can add it to any food and it makes the food taste relatively interesting. The other is a large piece of fabric which you can use as a shawl, or wrap around your head if it’s really hot. I’ve used it in the past to carry water when I was on a trek up a mountain. And those are the two things that are very, very useful, believe it or not.

OT: Your most memorable hotel experience?
Jude Law:
That’s hard, ’cos there are so many different types, aren’t there? You stay in little, you know, little garret hotels in cities or you sometimes get to stay on a beach some­where or you stay…I think probably the most exotic was an island hotel in the Philippines which had taken over the whole of this sandbank.

OT: Tell us about your role in The Gentleman’s Wager?
Jude Law:
The latest Johnnie Walker Blue Label campaign is a film directed by Jake Scott with myself and with the wonder­ful Giancarlo Giannini. The premise of the film is a man played by myself using a wager with a friend, a mentor, as an excuse to embark on a journey of rare experi­ences and personal progress and also to experience and explore his friendship with this mentor.

OT: Where was the film shot?
Jude Law:
The film was shot in St Lucia, Caribbean and in London. We were on a truly unique hand-crafted boat sailing out across a stunning ocean seascape. Working with Jake Scott and Giancarlo was a great experience.

OT: For someone who travels a lot, what rare experiences do you still seek out?
Jude Law:
Well, funnily enough, being invited to places like the Johnnie Walker House Beijing, a bar-cum-museum, was pretty extraordinary and meeting someone like Jim Beveridge who is, I think, the only man in the world who knows how to mix these particular blends. Meeting in­dividuals like that, great people who will teach you great things is always something one wants to seek out. As a performer I am always looking for things that will enable me to progress my kind of craft forward.

OT: Your dream destination?
Jude Law:
If I were to have to choose a place in the world, well it wouldn’t necessarily be a place. I’m very happy where my family is really, so that can be anywhere.

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