Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut

This Bollywood diva would love to go to Paris for her honeymoon

Aarti Kapur Singh
January 02 , 2015
02 Min Read

OT: You are fond of travelling alone. What is that experience like?
Kangana Ranaut:
I love my own private trips around in the world. The first two or three days of travelling alone are slightly difficult. You worry about things you have left behind, your work and commitments. But slowly your apprehensions evaporate as you soak in the sights and sounds, and stop behaving like a machine.

OT: Any memorable trips or holidays?
Kangana Ranaut:
My first trip abroad was extra special — it was to Korea when we shot for my first film Gangster. Even though I was not by myself, it was such an exhilarating experience. When I landed there, I realised how different this other world was. I could not understand the language at all, and they don’t understand even basic words in English.


OT: What do you do on your getaways?
Kangana Ranaut:
Explore! Recently, when I was doing a screenplay writing course in the US, I used to travel to the academy by train. I would sit next to strangers and start a conversation with them about their lives. Sometimes it’s great to be part of the natural processes of life. I have been on trains only in my movies and it’s so different from the real thing. Such journeys keep you real.

OT: Where do you go when you want to be alone?
Kangana Ranaut:
I like to go to Europe or the US. People don’t recognise me and it’s fun to see them wonder where they have seen me before!

OT: Travel essentials include...
Kangana Ranaut:
Three or four T-shirts, shorts, jeans and a pair of running shoes if I am going by myself or backpacking. But it also depends on where I am going. I can’t stick out like a sore thumb wearing loungewear in London!

OT:  What’s your favourite holiday destination?
Kangana Ranaut:
I absolutely love Italy. I went to Florence by myself once. I would spend several evenings in cafés, writing, with a cup of coffee for company.

OT: And what do you do while on a holiday?
Kangana Ranaut:
I walk, I trek, take pictures... And I write a lot — mainly stories. I like to see history, it always excites me, which is why I loved Florence and Rome. I also like shopping for clothes; for that I go to New York or Milan, maybe Paris or London. I love taking buses and standing in queues. I’m not someone who wants attention lavished on me.

OT:  Where would you like to holiday solo?
Kangana Ranaut:
Las Vegas… I would also like to go to Brazil.

OT:  And on your honeymoon?
Kangana Ranaut:

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