Japanese jigsaw

Japanese jigsaw

For 99Yen you can buy almost anything under the roof

Kai Friese
March 10 , 2014
Less than 1 Min Read

Shopping is a national sport in Japan, but for an amateurish gaijin it can be a challenge. After four days in the country I had bought what I could from the famous 99 yen shops: Japanese crockery, Japanese pens, Japanese snacks, even Japanese-print boxer shorts — all of it made in China. By the time I was back at Narita airport my pockets were still jingling with unspent yen but I was several presents short of a happy office. I picked up several exquisitely wrapped boxes with mysterious contents and then, just as I was down to my last 350Y, I spotted this: a jigsaw postcard of the famous Hokusai woodcut ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’.

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