App Watch: Duolingo

App Watch: Duolingo

A free language app that lets you learn over 20 languages from around the world

Labanya Maitra
June 27 , 2016
01 Min Read

The number one skill set on any travel­ler’s list is to learn as many foreign languages as humanly possible, maybe more. Definitely more. And that’s where Duolingo comes in. An app that offers courses in 23 languages from around the world, Duolingo is famed for being one of the better language apps for both travellers as well as others; all, of course, free of charge. Once you pick a language on the app, you can pick the intensity of daily learning; this, of course, can be changed as you go through the course. So, maybe start with something like 10 minutes per day and then increase the time spent on the app as you start getting the hang of the language. You also get quicker with the levels as you go by. The app even has an option of sending you reminders to complete your daily goals, and relentlessly so.

Once the Duolingo owl pops up on your noti­fication feed, it will not leave until you physically dismiss it. As far as the levels are concerned, you can either start as a beginner or use the ‘Test it Out’ option and let Duolingo determine your pro­ficiency in the language and pick a level for you. Although following the course might be a little difficult in the beginning, if you have absolutely no familiarity with the language you’re trying to learn, you’ll soon get the hang of it with the op­tion of refreshing older levels.

The app also administers tests, both written as well as with a microphone, speakers and camera (the latter has a fee attached) for a complete command of not only the language but also the proper phonetics and pronunciation.

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