Pankaj Kapur

Pankaj Kapur

The veteran actor talks to us about theatre and travel

Supriya Aggarwal
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OLT: You made a comeback in theatre with Dopehri. What do you like the most about it?
Pankaj Kapur:
The very fact that I could write a novella is the best part for me. Being an actor primarily, it was accomplishing for me to write something like Dopehri.

OLT: What is your favourite destination?
Pankaj Kapur:
I am very fascinated with the hills. For the last few years, it has been more about Himachal Pradesh but, as a kid, every year, I used to go to Kashmir for two months with my father. Kashmir was like a second home to me.

OLT: What is your idea of a perfect holiday?
Pankaj Kapur:
To me, a holiday is all about relaxation, about spending your time the way you want to. When on a holiday, I completely forget about work, about Bombay. I don’t even take phone calls except family.

OLT: Places you would like to visit?
Pankaj Kapur:
I want to travel the world. I love visiting the hills in India because, being a vegetarian, it gets easier to get good food of my choice. Abroad, I like Switzerland and Scotland. Our first family trip to London, Paris and Switzerland was very memorable.

OLT: Any travel secrets you would like to share?
Pankaj Kapur:
To not have any agenda while holidaying is my only secret. For instance, while on our holiday in London we bought transport passes and every morning we used to go out and sit either in a bus, a train or a ship without knowing where we were headed to. If we found the place interesting, we used to get down and start exploring it.

OLT: How often do you get to travel with family?
Pankaj Kapur:
Everyone has become extremely busy with their lives and careers, including Shahid. But we try to travel at least once in two years.

OLT: How do you spend your time while travelling alone?
Pankaj Kapur:
If I am travelling by air then I love sleeping. If I am travelling by car, then I love to look around. I don’t normally read on journeys. Once I reach a place I might pick up a book. I love to sit in a balcony and simply gaze at the beautiful visuals in front of me while having umpteen cups of tea. I also like to go on long walks on all my holidays.

OLT: Do you like to shop on your holiday?
Pankaj Kapur:
I do not believe in a heavy-duty shopping spree but I like to buy small souvenirs from different places. If you ever visit my home, you will see those little things have indeed carved a niche in my life. I also have a fetish for caps. I always buy a cap from the place I visit.

OLT: Things that you always pack for a holiday?
Pankaj Kapur:
Clothes, a torch, a few caps, enough money and, in case we are travelling by road, I prefer carrying home-cooked food to indulge in on the journey to make it pleasurable.

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