Zostel Villas: A Smarter Alternative to Vacation Homes

Zostel Villas: A Smarter Alternative to Vacation Homes
A prototype of a Zostel Villa , Photo Credit: Courtesy of Zostel

Zostel's eco-friendly, prefabricated mobile vacation homes are a good source of accommodation in remote areas

Karan Kaushik
September 24 , 2020
04 Min Read

Modern problems require modern solutions. The pandemic has changed the world forever. As all sectors and industries continue to strive to get back on their feet, companies are coming up with new ideas and innovative concepts to cater to the needs of their consumers in the changing times.

The hospitality industry in India has been one of the most severely hit industries. While star hotels are introducing new packages aimed at ensuring maximum safety for their guests, leading hostel chain Zostel has come up with a unique concept, the Zostel Villa.


We caught up with Akshat Jain, Business Development Head at Zostel, to know more.

Tell us all about Zostel Villas 
Zostel Villas are a range of new products introduced by Zostel. Through Zostel Villas, Zostel is introducing the concept of the eco-friendly prefabricated sustainable mobile vacation homes. They are apt especially for remote places where accommodation can be provided without disturbing the flora and fauna of that land. Zostel Villa is a modern yet contemporary looking home, suitable for any kind of weather condition and can be set up over any terrain.Relocatable in nature, Zostel Villas will be just about perfect for a safe and sound vacation How did you come up with the idea? 
Prefab structures are a global phenomenon now, yet we feel the Indian hospitality and residential sector has to catch up on this. The sustainability and modern appeal of this concept motivated us to educate the market with this concept through the promise of the brand in the same way we did for backpacker hostels. 

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How can these villas help travellers in the present post-COVID times?
Travellers in the post-COVID world are keen for options that involve minimum human intervention. We are seeing a surge in demand for our remote offbeat stay options which has lower inventories. A Zostel Villa is a perfect set-up for remote workers looking for independent stays. They are completely self-sustaining units with all amenities, and a smarter solution to the traditional need of an independent vacation home with all the modern-day facilities. 

What makes these villas relocatable?
They are built at a central factory, part by part. And then set up at the site with nuts and bolts. If you feel the need to shift them they can be simply disassembled, transported to the desired location, and assembled again.

What are some of the locations where these villas are?
We have the pilot project coming up in India's most famous wildlife sanctuary, Jim Corbett. They are located in the middle of the forest facing a river. 

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Tell us about the design
The first Zostel Villa is laid out in three different floors with the living area and the kitchen on the ground floor. The living area opens up to a wooden balcony deck perfect to enjoy the surrounding views.Zostel Villas are designed to suit the needs of working professionals and digital nomads The first floor is for the master bedroom along with two washrooms. The second floor is a mezzanine floor which has been optimised to make use of the attic area and has a double bed. Equipped with smart amenities such as WiFi, Apple TVs, digital locks and CCTV cameras, all Zostel Villas will be ready-to-move-in.

Can anyone rent these villas or does one need to necessarily buy them?
Yes, one can also rent these villas in the same way you would book a room. We will be selling them online through Zostel’s online network. 

Investing in a Zostel Villa comes with many benefits. It is an asset-based investment which is not locked to a particular location and gives owners returns on a regular basis. Investors can essentially lease land at any location around the world, transport the villa to that site, set it up in a matter of few days, and keep it there for the longest period. Moreover, whenever the owners are away, Zostel can run operations on their behalf and can provide up to 20 per cent return on investment.

What are the future plans of the company in terms of these villas?
We have already begun the work on the second version of the villas for a more budget-friendly market. We have received hundreds of requests to set up the units across the country. We see entire resorts and remote housing projects being built in an eco-friendly manner through the prefab concept. 

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