Five Places That Were Van Gogh's Muse

Five Places That Were Van Gogh's Muse
The sunflower fields near Arles inspired Gogh's , Photo Credit:

If you loved the immersive Van Gogh exhibition hosted in Mumbai, you'd love a vacation to these places that inspired his many works

Shreya Cheema
February 04 , 2023
03 Min Read
Van Gogh’s art does not need any introduction. Considered to be one of the world’s finest painters, Gogh’s work does what art is meant to do–to give an insight into the artist’s life and to transport the viewer into a world that the artist calls his own. When you stare at the Starry Night, you stare out of the asylum’s window Gogh spent his days and nights in at Arles. When you look at the “Terrace in the Luxembourg Gardens” colours, it almost feels like you’re walking the tree-lined boulevard. 
In a letter to his brother, Theo, Gogh also wrote, “It always seems to me that I am a traveller who’s going somewhere and to a destination.” It is no surprise that the places he stayed in and travelled to influenced his art immensely. If you have had the chance to visit the immersive Van Gogh exhibition hosted in Mumbai or plan to attend the one to be held in Delhi from April 14 to May 31, you must also plan a visit to one of these cities, which were Van Gogh’s muse. 
Paris, France 
Van Gogh lived in Paris for two years, from 1886 to 1888. This is where he was introduced to the practice of impressionism. Gogh’s most iconic work that depicts Paris’s charm is the “Terrace in the Luxembourg Gardens.”
Arles, France 
The quaint city of Arles proved to be the most influential in Gogh’s life. While living here, he completed almost 200 paintings. Paintings such as “The Harvest” and “The Sower” were composed in Arles.
Nuenen, Netherlands 
  The beauty of this countryside inspired some of his great works, such as “Autumn Landscape” and “The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in the Snow.”
Hague, Netherlands 
In the coastal city of Hague, Gogh began his first apprenticeship and was acquainted with modern art by 19th-century Italian, French and Spanish artists. His “View of the Sea at Scheveningen” painting perfectly captures Hague’s seaside vista.
Saint-Remy-de-Provence, France 
After Arles, Gogh found himself in Saint-Paul-de-Mausole, an asylum located 20 km from Arles. He composed his most well-known works, such as “Starry Night” and the “Wheat Field with Cypresses.”
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