The Cleanest River In India: Umngot in Meghalaya

The Cleanest River In India: Umngot in Meghalaya
A boat ride on the Umngot River. Credit: / explorewithinfo ,

Flowing through the valley between the Khasi and Jaintia Hills, the crystal-clear waters of the river Umngot have brought it fame

Pranay Jain
January 27 , 2023
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Rippling, meandering, falling, and flowing through the valleys separating the Khasi and Jaintia Hills in Meghalaya, the Umngot has remained one of the cleanest rivers in India. 

The Umngot has remained one of the cleanest rivers in India


Its fame has spread, and now it has become the focus of tourists who throng to it to capture it in photographs and for a boat ride. The river flows past the three main tourist destinations of Meghalaya, the border town of Dawki, known for its iconic bridge and up-close views of a neighbouring country, and the two resort villages of Darrang and Shnongpdeng. Umngot is also known as the river Dawki

You can indulge in camping, ziplining, angling, kayaking, snorkelling and scuba-diving at the river. Or a ride on the traditional canoe on the serene waters of the river. When you are at Umngot, you can also experience guided treks into the forests and the village of Kudengrim, known for its living root bridges, and waterfalls.It is imperative to safeguard the crystal-clear Umngot

The river remains pristine due to the absence of human-settlement-based waste or mineral-mining affluents flowing into it via any of its tributaries. By the time they join the river, its course is through the steep uninhabitable landscape, and the three villages, far from its banks, have ensured that the river remains clean.The river flows through the valleys separating the Khasi and Jaintia Hills

The locals have also protested hard against the proposed hydroelectric project on the river, as it will affect their livelihood, which comes from paddy farming, fishing, and, most importantly, tourism.  

Tourists throng to the Umngot to capture it in photographs

The Information

Best time to visit: Winter

How to get there:

By air: The Umroi airport is 107 kilometres, and the Guwahati airport is 196 kilometres away. 

By rail: The Guwahati railway station is 173 kilometres from the Umngot River.

By road: Shillong is 85 kilometres away, at a three-hour drive.

For more information, check the website. 

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