Love The Canals Of Venice? Then Visit These Six Destinations

Love The Canals Of Venice? Then Visit These Six Destinations
The Graslei harbour on Leie river in Ghent, Belgium. Photo Credit:,

From Geithoorn in Holland to Kurashiki in Japan, here are six destinations other than the popular "city of canals," where you can spend your days floating by

Shreya Cheema
January 10 , 2023
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Sailing through the winding alleys of Venice sounds romantic, but did you know that it’s not the only place to experience it? Even though it has become world-famous as the “city of canals,” there are several others where you can ditch the wheels and hop on a boat to get from one area to the other. From Geithoorn in Holland to Kurashiki in Japan, here are seven destinations you can spend your days floating by. 
Geithoorn, Holland 
With roughly 2,700 inhabitants, Geithoorn makes for a truly charming getaway. It would be challenging to spot even a single car in this picturesque and quaint Dutch village since locals commonly use boats to get around. Apart from that, the centuries-old thatched-roof houses grab every traveller’s attention. 
Annecy, France 
Also known as the “Venice of Alps,” in Annecy, you can experience the famous canal city’s extensive waterways against the majestic backdrop of mountains. All the canals here were built around Lord Annecy’s castle, which is why they all are centred around the tower. 
Kurashiki, Japan 
A narrow central canal dating back to the Edo Period (1603-1867) runs through the port town of Kurashiki. You can witness the town's charming traditional Japanese houses on your boat-ride across the ancient waterway. 
Tigre, Argentina 
Tigre is located on an island 45 miles from Buenos Aires and the fifth largest river delta in the world, the Paraná River Delta. In this canal city, travellers can catch a ride in vintage mahogany boats while exploring the characteristic European-influenced Argentinian architecture. 
Stockholm, Sweden 
One of the most famous cities in the world, Stockholm, was built on 14 islands, connected by canals that can be crossed by boats and ferries or the many bridges running over its breadth. 
Ghent, Belgium 
The mediaeval city of Ghent gives travellers many ways to explore the Renaissance-style architecture of the many cathedrals and towers. One of the most popular ways to do so is to sail across the canals and waterways running through the city.
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