Seeing Paris Through Emily Cooper’s Eyes

Seeing Paris Through Emily Cooper’s Eyes
Emily in Paris is a show set in the city of Paris,

With a breathtaking skyline across the window, buttery croissants for breakfast and a tour of vintage vineyards, the show has made us see the city with fresh eyes

OT Staff
January 18 , 2022
04 Min Read

An evening in Paris is on everybody’s bucket list. Those who think of the city, imagine it to be enveloped with love. The image of the majestic Eiffel Tower fiddles with the softest corner of the mind and brings forth the evergreen fantasy lovers holding hands while standing across the great epitome of love.

The story of Emily Cooper, an ambitious young Chicago woman who is new to the city of Paris - juggling work, friendships and love - looks at Paris from a rose-tinted glasses. The show takes you on a ride to places, some famous while some not, but where you would certainly like to stop the next time you visit the city of magic.


Palais-Royal Garden

The garden in spring

Remember the quiet, peaceful garden where a much-lonely Emily meets her best friend Mindy from Shanghai? This garden was built in the year 1633 and has more than 500 trees and its centre is marked by a water fountain. The garden has two long lawns surrounded by flower beds, four arcaded galleries and is one of the most peaceful places to visit in Paris.

At a walking distance from the famous Louvre museum, the garden is in the centre of the city but is sometimes overshadowed by the famous museum in its vicinity. Built in the 1930s for King Louiss XIII’s chief minister Cardinal Richelieu, it is believed that the palace was home to many noble families like the wife and daughter of Charles I after he was deposed and executed.

Today, it is the seat of France’s Constitutional Council and the Ministry of Culture.

Café de L’Homme

A magical setting at the cafe

Remember Emily’s first business party with Antoine, the owner of Maison Lavaux and their flirtatious exchange on the terrace of a beautiful restaurant?

This elegant French restaurant provides an enviable view of the Eiffel Tower. In the heart of a place called Passy Trocadero, it is a popular hub for business conferences, product launches and fashion shows. In summer when the terrace dining opens for visitors, it becomes a true delight savouring your favourite dish as you sit across the glittering Eiffel Tower.

Pont Alexandre III

Pont Alexandre III over river Seine in Paris

This bridge that goes over the river Seine is one of the most beautiful crossings in the world. You might remember it from Emily in Paris when a naked model crosses it for a shoot. Also called the open-air museum of Paris, it displays an array of fine sculptures like nymphs, cherubs, sea monsters, maidens and cupids.

Four pillars support the bridge’s arch. On each base sits an allegorical structure representing France in different eras, like the Renaissance. The bridge was named after Tsar Alexander III and celebrates the diplomatic ties between France and Russia. One of the biggest tourist destinations, this bridge connects the left and right banks of Paris.

L’ Atelier des Lumières

This museum is the first digital art centre in Paris

In the show, Emily and Gabriel spend a contemplative moment in an art museum. This museum is the first digital art centre in Paris. It offers an interesting combination of art and technology, providing an extraordinary sensory experience to visitors. With nearly 140 video projectors and an excellent sound system, the works are projected on walls up to 10m high. 

Palais Garnier

Palais or Opera Garnier & The National Academy of Music in Paris

Can you recall Emily running after the fashion designer Pierre Cadault into this extravagant architectural masterpiece? This grand palace was inaugurated at the request of Napoleon III and is one of the most dazzling monuments in Paris.

A famous opera house, with its elegant balconies brings forth a picturesque view of French pomp and show. The grand flight of stairs followed by a spectacular decor that highlights mythological figures and allegorical structures is sure to leave you spellbound. The palace was also the setting for well known Gaston Leroux’s novel, The Phantom of the Opera.







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