Take a Virtual Tour of Spring across the World

Take a Virtual Tour of Spring across the World
An avenue in Canada with flower-laden trees lining the sides, Photo Credit: LeonWang /

The arrival of spring also marks the Lunar New Year, spells an end to the freezing winter, and brings about a burst of vibrant flora across the globe. We'll show you

Srushti Kulkarni
April 03 , 2021
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Sorry, Mr Eliot, you were wrong—April isn't the cruellest month.

It’s that time of the year again when fresh cherry blossoms hover over the streets of Vancouver making the chilly weather pleasantly pink and beautiful. The cherry blossom season here is celebrated throughout April with blossom-themed Japanese fairs. You can enjoy the sight of these soft pink flowers at 22 different locations around the city.


A train arrives at Tanigumiguchi Station of Tarumi Railway, in Ibigawa, Japan

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Likewise, as March segues into April the historical town of Ibigawa is swathed in the fluttering, pale pink petals of the Sakura trees or cherry blossoms symbolizing new beginnings in Japanese culture. The buds bloom like a chain reaction over the streets and parks of the town beautifying the ancient temples with the perfect backdrop of the snow-caked mountains.

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Emerging out of its the winter hibernation, Locarno, the resort city of Switzerland exhibits a colorful season of spring by the Maggiore Lake. Talking a walk in the gardens and parks blooming with over 1000 species of Camellias and Magnolias overlooked by the snow-peaked ranges is a perfect way to enjoy April here.

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A horse ride or a jeep safari can be a unique way to explore the city of Istanbul in its most colorful season. Spring in Istanbul mostly begins with the flowering of tulips and cherry blossoms located at the heart of the city. One can enjoy the spring markets and the vibrant ambiance around the Sultanahmet where the pink and white petaled cherry blossoms spur out on the streets.

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The city of Szczecin is bejeweled with Crocuses flowering in full bloom alongside the Japanese cherry blossoms stretched out over the streets and parks enhancing the peak of the Spring season. The vibrant shades of purple, yellow and white crocus florae add warmth to the crisp weather of the city. 

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Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington DC
Spring! The time of year when the capital of the United States appears enchantingly pink. The gorgeous Japanese blossoms mirrored over the Tidal Basin create an unusually romantic atmosphere in the city. The Skagit Valley of Washington is another place one can experience the feeling of perfect spring amongst a vivid range of flamboyant Tulips.

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The transition of March into April in Spain happens with cherry blossoms reaching their peak stage in the Jerte Valley making it a perfect getaway destination and picturesque location with the snow-capped Gredos mountains in the milieu. A hike through the fresh blooms would be an exquisite way to enjoy the extra moderate weather of the spring season.

Spring in Copenhagen

The Sakura Festival, predominantly known as the Cherry Blossom Festival marks the end of April in Copenhagen. The branches spurring the soft pink petals when mirrors over the lake at Langelinie park make it look particularly idyllic to enjoy the season of spring. Copenhagen’s most popular spots to see the sakura are the Bispebjerg cemetery and Botanical Gardens.

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In full bloom in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of the best places to enjoy the spring season as it brings with it the heavenly scent of cherry blossoms, snowdrops, crocuses, and tulips as you walk through the parks and gardens across the city creating a whimsical floral effect.


As the temperature of Amsterdam begins to rise in April, bright and radiant flowers burst out around the city making it a picture-perfect and must-visit spring destination. Numerous species of Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and cherry blossoms spring up in glory. Keukenhof is the boasts an eccentric collection of irises, roses, carnations, orchids, and lilies apart from a wide range of tulips.

The Lithuanian spring

Springtime in Vilnius is accompanied by some wind and showers in April. Yet, the charm of the season isn’t compromised as it blooms with primrose, hyacinth, peony, and white cherry blossoms. Walk around the city gardens around early April to see the flowers rise and shine.

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The beginning of the cherry blossom season in Skardu marks the end of chilly winters. The fragile and short-lived flora scatter all around the town of Skardu during the Spring season painting a scenic view before the glacial ranges. One can also spot apricots, pears, almonds, and apples here.

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