Castle Connect: Into Germany’s Magical and Mystical World

Castle Connect: Into Germany’s Magical and Mystical World
The Neuschwanstein Castle at the break of dawn , Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Witness the legacy of Germany's history and culture through its magnificent castles

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January 14 , 2021
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While we all are travellers at heart, we have our different travel personas and personal travel styles. With a number of palaces in the country, natural landscapes, home to both- secluded and bustling lifestyles, Germany has a go-to travel location for all kinds of travel enthusiasts. With a rich historic past served on a cultural platter and a dash of an artistic spirit to accompany it, it is a poetic vision to a wanderlust. Let’s dive headfirst into a few German castles:

Blankenburg Castle 
The sprawling gardens in front of the castle
Intrigued about the Baroque era? Or fascinated by the beauty of mountains and open gardens? The Blankenburg Castle is a unique visual experience in itself. The Castle lies in the Harz Mountains and a picturesque terrace garden with the Orangery Square outlines the top of the Small Palace. There is also a teahouse to add to the charm of this place. 

Moritzburg Castle
The Moritzburg Castle under the clear sky
If you are fond of collecting memories, Moritzburg will form a stunning mental photograph. The Moritzburg Castle is known as the hunting castle of the Saxon rulers. Designed in symmetrical baroque shapes, it resides on an artificial island, enveloped by an artificial lake and forests. The little town of Moritzburg lies in the vicinity. The castle with an exquisite interior of leather wall coverings, houses a Feather room decorated in bird feathers of different colours and of different species. 

Drachenburg Castle
The life size Drachenburg Castle
Lying close to the Drachenfels, above the Rhine, is a splendid castle in all its glory. The Drachenburg Castle is a living storybook of intriguing tales. Famous among these stories is one from the former lord of Drachenburg, Paul Spinat. Built in the 1800’s, the modern castle of Drachenburg, is also known by the name Schloss Drachenburg. A visit to this exquisite site is definitely worth your time. 

Wartburg Castle
The castle during dusk
Ever wondered what the magnificence of a royal living feels like? Placed in all its splendour, the Wartburg Castle is the first German Castle to be acknowledged as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The tour of the Wartburg Castle allows you to walk through the grand hall, Singers’ Hall, Luther Room and the Elisabeth-bower. The tour also allows you to walk up the towers and enjoy the view from there. 

The magnificent aerial view of the Oldenburg
Breathing an air borrowed from the era of earls and dukes, the Oldenburg Castle is a medieval castle in Lower Saxony. The Castle is a part of a historical ensemble of the Oldenburg State Museum (including Augusteum and Prinzenpalais) that stands as a hallmark of time. There is a Grand Ducal collection of around 30,000 paintings, paper art, cultural-history and applied-art objects at the museum. The Oldenburg Castle is the home of this museum. The grand and decorated Historicist Style staterooms of the Castle have displays of works, by court painter Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein. If history excites you, you are just a tour away from exploring Lower Saxony’s rich historic past wrapped in medieval handwritten documents and carved ivory. 

Neuschwanstein Castle
The various hues of Neuschwanstein Castle
Once the residence of King Ludwig II, the Neuschwanstein Castle was opened to the public after the king’s demise. It was built by the king as an abode for withdrawal from his public life. This private refuge is a site loved and visited by tourists now. There is a winding road that leads to the entrance of the castle. With tall trees and mountains covered in snow, overlooking the Neuschwanstein castle, a tour here combines the exterior and an interior view. 

Schwerin Castle
The Schwerin Castle in all its glory
Placed in the capital of Mecklenburg- Western Pomerania, the Schwerin castle surrounded by the blue hue of water and greenery appears to be a painters’ canvas. While it was once the residence of the dukes, it is now the seat of the State Parliament. The castle overlooks Lake Schwerin. The castle park and the museum are the highlights of this property.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with German National Tourist Office, India.

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