Take a Virtual Trip Through India Via Google Earth

Take a Virtual Trip Through India Via Google Earth
Around the world in 80 seconds, Photo Credit: Mind And I/Shutterstock

Explore these mesmerising spots in India with the click of a button

Aroshi Handu
October 06 , 2021
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As a kid I hated attending geography classes. Reading about rivers, tributaries, the monsoon cycle, grasslands and agriculture and what not, was of least interest to me. The universe on the other hand, with its galaxies and red dwarfs and neutron stars and dark matter, was more my jam. It was only towards the end of my teenage years and as an adult that I began to appreciate one planet in particular: the Earth. With its gorgeous valleys, lofty peaks, winding roads, tall skyscrapers, stormy seas and lush forests our world is a sight to behold. 

If there’s one website that will have you scrolling and clicking through hours it’s Google Earth. With over 20,000 different destinations to explore, you can scratch your travel itch by zooming in and out of streets, forests, beaches, historical sites, waterfalls, deserts, rivers and more. The slick user interface and engaging material is a treat to the eyes and the soul. 


Here are some mesmerising sites in India that you can explore by going on a virtual tour on Google Earth

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Kangchenjunga, Sikkim

Snow-clad peaks of Kanchejunga

The five peaks of Kangchenjunga symbolise the five treasures - gold, silver, gems, food grains and religious texts. This sacred mountain has not been scaled by mountaineers out of respect for local sentiments.

 Thar Desert

A Google bird’s eye-view of Thar Desert

It is considered the most civilised desert due to the inlay of roads, infrastructure and human settlements dating back thousands of years. 

Namdapha National Park

It is one of the biggest national parks in India

Namdapha stretches along the international border between India and Myanmar. The forest at Namdapha is almost unnavigable and impenetrable. Hence, it's quite a challenge for wildlife-watchers to spot animal or bird species. 

 Victoria Memorial

The intricately designed ceiling of Victoria memorial.

There’s an added coolness in the juxtaposition of something so old being viewed in HD with futuristic technology. The black bronze statue on the exterior of the monument is the Angel of Victory and it rotates with the wind.

 Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa

 The inner courtyard of the 400 year old cathedral.

The mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier, whose body was brought from China, has stayed intact as the day it was buried. The remains are displayed to the public once at a global event which takes place every 10 years

Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

The Rann Utsav

The canvas of Kutch is painted in the glorious colours of the Rann Utsav every winter. One of the largest salt deserts in the world, the shimmering landscape under the moonlight gives the celebrations an enchanted feel. 

Kannan Devan Hills, Kerala

Kanan Devan Hills is renowned for its tea plantations

Set amidst the tiny, quaint village of Idukki, this hill station in Kerala is renowned for its tea heritage as well as the picturesque scenery that will heal even a jaded soul.

 Dal Lake, Srinagar

Did you know that the Dal Lake is not just one lake but a union of three lakes?

It is divided into two more parts, the Lokut and Bod Dal. With its crystal clear waters reflecting mesmerising skies, this Jewel of Kashmir is a stunner. 

Qutub Minar, New Delhi

This towering landmark has never failed to fascinate visitors

The tallest brick minar in the world has not only survived damages from an earthquake in the 16th century, but it has also withstood two lightning strikes in the 14th century.

 Nanda Devi Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

The valley is one of the two core zones of Nanda Devi

This hanging valley is a riot of colours with about 600 species of flowers thriving in the cool climes of the Western Himalayas. Visit in the months between May to September as it is snowbound for the rest of the year. Setting up camp, be it temporary or permanent is prohibited. 

Jog Falls, Karnataka

The mystic charm of Jog Falls is spellbinding

Its four falls, Raja, Rani, Roarer and Rockets, have their own personalities. One is the highest, one falls gracefully, one makes a thunderous noise, and the last one dives like a jet!

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