How a Homebound Photographer is Using his Imagination to Capture the World

How a Homebound Photographer is Using his Imagination to Capture the World
A scenic winter landscape, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Stuck at home and itching to photograph landscapes of the world? You can do that sitting at home.

Farhan Khan
May 01 , 2020
03 Min Read

The coronavirus pandemic has forced landscape and travel photographers to stay indoors and have derailed all plans for travel this year. However, we have not been debarred from taking a flight of imagination, right? Since I cannot venture out of my house with my camera, I tried recreating outfoor pictures, and visuals from past travels, from my home. All I needed was some regular household products. After playing around with different colours, shapes, textures, and light and shadow, I ended up with photographs that replicate the essence of real landscapes.

These concepts that I am creating are inspired and driven by my previous experiences in the outdoors, and those that I dream of. It is an experiment to uplift the morale of my fellow travel photographers/enthusiasts, and also artists, who are currently struggling with their travel plans and dreams. I feel this current lockdown scenario is an opportunity for us to stretch our creativity, and to try something new. 

Extra Sweet

The white desert in Rann of Kutch is stunning, with pristine white sand stretching as far as one can see. At home, I recreated the vast stretch with sugar scapes. The result: An epic scene of figurine wandering among the sand dunes in the vast white desert.

Dunes created with sugar

Sunset Sparkle
Witnessing the sun set on the horizon always makes for surreal photos. To get the feel, I used aluminium foil for water, and a table lamp for the drowning sun for capturing a perfect sail. The most important aspect, other than craft skills and camera technicalities, is to see how realistic you can make it. 

Recreating a picture perfect sunset

By the sea? Or on the couch?

Caving Through

There were times when I thought I would never make it to the great ice caves, but eventually this lockdown made it happen. In these  photos, I reimagined the other-worldly ice caves by using crumpled paper sheets / blue sheets for caves, and a glittery clutch bag and aluminium foil for the watery effect on the base. I illuminated the caves using lamps and a cellphone torch.

Re-creation of an ice cave

Re-creating a glowing cave 

I've always wanted to explore India's rock cut caves and got to do so now. With the help of my tiny soldier figurine, I made it safely in and out of these mysterious caves. It was as easy to create these caves at home as it is difficult to actually find and explore them in the real world. I made these caves with crumpled paper and used a cellphone torch to light up the interiors. And my tiny soldier accompanied me all the way in my search.

Re-imagining the interiors of a rock-cut cave

Monochromatic adventure in a cave



Exceptionally beautiful photographs, Farhan Congratulations for capturing the beauty of nature in a professional way Keep it up
Subhash Sharma May 25 , 2020

Great work farhan khan amazing use of talent and time in this lockdown always feel good to see your work and getting it recognised a long way to go good luck :)
Shamekh Ahmad May 05 , 2020

Creativity comes with sheer hardwork and we have to decide what to do with the time we have That's what Farhan is doing from a very long time He is working like a creative maestro, a genius on camera and off camera Impeccable is all I could say Keep it up homie
Syed Murtaza Husain May 05 , 2020

Amazing! this is called creativity! thanks to your Father who shared this with me
Badar Jahan May 05 , 2020

Amazing creativity skill and good sense of photography both worked wondersMashaAllah
Asad Ur Rahman May 05 , 2020

Amazing and mesmerising! Way to go!
Bushra Husain May 05 , 2020

Marvelous what you've done just staying home, despite staying home! True creativity remains undeterred indeed! Wait for you to create more of these Farhan :)
Syeda Zeba May 05 , 2020

To see
Nazia Hasan May 05 , 2020

Sculpting sea in a palmful of water! Reminded of Blake"to sea a world in a grain of sand" Amazing work! Go on Mr Khan
Nazia Hasan May 05 , 2020

This is amazing! Loved the creativity you've shown here!
seher contractor May 05 , 2020

Hi Farhan knew your love and affection towards photography when you join Bachelor of Architecture I am well sure you will reach acme with the zealot spirit you have Best of luck young chap Sarwar Sultan Lecturer in Computer Science Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi
Sarwar Sultan May 05 , 2020

Nice concept and great work farahan bhai, proud to have a senior like you ????????
saad sualeh May 05 , 2020

Wow For once I thought these are all real pics Amazing Keep it up bro
Ashhar Saleem Hashmi May 05 , 2020

Wonderful work, Farhan! The photographs are truly amazing Your creative indoor photography will definitely inspire many to explore it in even more new ways I look forward to seeing some more interesting shots from you soon Best of luck!
Rehan Khan May 05 , 2020

Thank you soo much everyone for your wonderful compliments :D
Farhan Khan May 04 , 2020

Truly worth a thousand words It's not only perfect lighting and perfect angle that create such incredibly sharp and awe inspiring photos, but it definitely requires lots of patience and skill to tell such captivating stories through images Sadaf Fareed
Sadaf Fareed May 04 , 2020

Unbelievable How innovative and fresh! This great 'Lockdown' Art is treat to the eyes
Zeenat Khan May 04 , 2020

Outstanding Photography
maaz hasan May 04 , 2020

Indeed great photography skills Much appreciated efforts Great sense of image aesthetics with perfect angles and overall the illusion that you made are really outstanding
Yasir Naseem May 04 , 2020

To make the real unreal and the unreal real is art An artists imagination is the key to success Wonderful and creative
Akbar Joseph May 04 , 2020

Excellent Photo feature reflecting the innovativeness and creativity of the author, Farhan Khan! Great job indeed! M Rizwan Khan, Professor & Chairman, Department of English, AMU
Rizwan khan May 04 , 2020

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