Enjoy The Sound of Silence at this Dolphin-Shaped Lake

Enjoy The Sound of Silence at this Dolphin-Shaped Lake
A panoramic view of the lake, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

The dolphin-shaped Lake Skadar is surrounded by steep mountains and island monasteries

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March 22 , 2020
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The dolphin-shaped Lake Skadar is a freshwater lake straddling two countries, Montenegro and Albania. This area has a very interesting history. Ancient Illyrians, Greeks and Romans, have all lived here.

Skarda was once part of the Byzantine empire, and was occupied by the Ottoman Empire for five centuries. You will find all the influences and cultures showcased in the monasteries, fortresses, churches and other monuments around the lake. The nearby towns here are Virpazar and Vranjina. The former was the site of Montenegro's first Partisan uprising of World War II. 

The pretty towns around the dolphin-shaped lake

The fortress of Grmozur was built in 1843 on an island here during the Ottoman Empire rule. Later it was converted to a version of the infamous Alcatraz prison. 

Ruins of the island prison

The lake is known for its rich  diversity of wildlife. More than 50 species of fish live in the waters. Of these at least 15 have not been found elsewhere. It is a wetland of international importance with more than 50 species of freshwater snails. It is also one of Europe's top bird habitats with an incredible 270 species, most of which are migrating birds. It is a popular destination for ornithologists who come here to spot some of the last Dalmatian pelicans or rare yellow herons.

A restaurant in the town of Virpazar

 You can chill out by the eateries around the lake where you will get fresh fish, local cheeses, fruits. home-cured ham and more. 



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