How India Eats: 9 Breakfast Staples Under Rs 50

How India Eats: 9 Breakfast Staples Under Rs 50
You can eat a new breakfast every single day in India, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Your next breakfast will be easy on the pocket, and filling! Trust us.

Simrran Gill
December 11 , 2019
12 Min Read

With so many culinary influences, India has a dizzying array of breakfast options. Fluffy dosas from the South to substantial parathas and kulchas from the North, radhabollobis from Kolkata to puranpollis and theplas from Mumbai - there’s such a lot of variety that you can have something new every single day. Well, for about three months, at least! All you need to do is travel to different parts of India to sample unique dishes and flavour combinations. The best part? All these options are seriously pocket-friendly. Follow our list to know how India eats delicious breakfasts under Rs 50:


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Kulcha, a type of fluffy bread, can be made in various ways. A cup of freshly brewed tea to go along with it is always a good idea. Kulcha and tea is the quintessential breakfast in places like Lucknow and Kashmir, where people cherish this meal early morning with their friends and family, generally soon after their morning prayers. FYI, in Kashmir, the kulchas are round and slightly salty and great for tea-dipping while in Lucknow, people usually enjoy the combination alongwith a meaty gravy at times.
Pocket Pinch: Approx. Rs 20 


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Usually confused as a breakfast for the whole of North India, the parantha is definitely amongst our favourites. Whether with curry or a dry vegetable or simply a pickle and curd, paranthas usually fit the “heavy breakfast” bill. They are best enjoyed on a winter morning right off the stove and butter slowly melting on top. Eat this combination across Delhi, Punjab and Haryana.
Pocket Pinch: Approx. Rs 40 


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One of the easiest dishes to make is poha. White rice flakes cooked with copious amount of kanda (onion), it is light, healthy and readily available as well. Different methods of preparation include varied garnishings, right from peas to bhujia, depending upon how healthy/unhealthy you want to make it. We suggest you head to Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra for an authentic taste.
Pocket Pinch: Approx. Rs 30


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The name itself is enough to tingle our taste buds. Common in the Northern belt, kachoris can have different fillings according to one’s taste. Right from peas to onions, from potatoes to a freshly prepared masala (a concoction of spices), a kachori can be filled with anything and the taste lingers long after. 
Pocket Pinch: Approx. Rs 35


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A post shared by Alpana (@alpana.kesari) on Nov 30, 2019 at 10:46pm PST

That exact moment when the puri is pulled out of the hot pan, out hearts jump with joy. Served essentially with aloo (dry or a curry), we suggest you add on some mango pickle for a completely surreal experience. A plate of aloo puri is what starts the day for a good part of the population in the Northern belt.
Pocket Pinch: Approx. Rs 40


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Soft rice cakes with a spicy, tangy and soulful curry is the best way to describe this South Indian delight. As healthy as it can get, the idlis are steamed and the sambar includes a great deal of veggies. There is no better, lighter way to begin your day other than this. Don't forget to pair it with a filter kaapi. Found across southern India in restaurants, streetside stalls and homes.   
Pocket Pinch: Approx. Rs 50


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This paper thin, crispy rice cake is another favourite down South. Served with coconut chutney and sambar, dosas are a blessing in disguise. Filling-yet-light, they can be stuffed with multiple options: potato, onions, masala, even chicken! 
Pocket Pinch: Approx. Rs 50


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The beloved street food of Maharashtra, vada pav, if broken down, can be explained as a ball of potato stuffed in a bun. What makes it drool worthy is the garlic chutney and the mint-coriander chutney with a hint of peanut in it. Weighing towards the spicier side of the spectrum, truth be told, a vada pav can be cherished at any given point of time, not just breakfast.
Pocket Pinch: Approx. Rs 20 


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The perfectly cut cubes, the sweet and spicy flavour and a tangy mint-coriander chutney, seriously, what's not to like? Generally paired with jalebi, it is common to spot dhokla on breakfast platters. The right amount of sweet and spicy (and it's so moist) makes it an ideal breakfast dish. Head to Gujarat to get a taste of the authentic stuff, we say.
Pocket pinch: Approx. Rs 30

Stay tuned for the second part! We will bring you more Indian breakfast dishes under Rs 50 from around the country

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