The 'U' In Uttar Pradesh Is For Unique Birds & Beasts

The 'U' In Uttar Pradesh Is For Unique Birds & Beasts
Himalayan griffon vulture, a winter visitor in Uttar Pradesh, shows some good moves, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

From rare black-rumped vultures to the shy barasingha or the swamp deer, Uttar Pradesh is hot when it comes to unique wildlife

Precious Kamei
February 11 , 2019
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A holiday in Uttar Pradesh.

Pick any place.


Excited? Sure! This is every wildlife nut's dream playground. Uttar Pradesh, as land-locked and not-our-usual-dream-destination as it is, wins when it comes to wildlife. How? The state has been a safe haven for some birds and animals that are currently struggling to come out of the Critically Endangered status--and in a good way. From the rare and critically endangered black-rumped vulture to the elusive Bengal Florican whose number keep going downhill, they call the wilds of Uttar Pradesh a home. See in pictures these animals up close and maybe we can discuss why we call Uttar Pradesh a unique wildlife destination.

We like big cats and we cannot lie!

There are four Tiger Reserves in Uttar Pradesh: Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, Shalukapu FRH Dudhwa Tiger Reserve and Valmiki Tiger Reserve. Our favourite is Dudhwa.

 We will travel for Barasingha

Due to the loss of habitat and hunting, the population of the beautiful swamp deer was on a rapid decline. At present, their number might have stabilised but the fact that the species' population is fragmented and are found in just a few places in the country, their conservation is a priority. Uttar Pradesh is one such home.

Spot me if you can, says the Bengal Florican

They are critically endangered and if this status confuses you then maybe it's time you know that they are fewer than a thousand left alive.

Wears an armour but still not out of danger: Indian Rhinoceros or the greater one-horned rhinoceros

You can find these gentle giants in the wilds of Assam and Uttar Pradesh. Go look!

Human medicines are killing us! ~~Vultures

 White-rumped vultures are on the critically endangered list because of their rapid decline in population. The reason: Diclofenac poisoning die of renal failure caused by diclofenac poisoning

On the brink of extinction sits these fish-eating gharials. Yes, you heard us right. Fish is what they eat and we are losing riverine habitats and fishes, their main food source.

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