The Best Of Breakfast Dishes From India

The Best Of Breakfast Dishes From India
Methi Thepla, a popular breakfast item in Gujarat, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Are you team parantha or poha? Read about breakfast dishes from all over India to get your day started on a perfect note

Meenketan Jha
December 31 , 2018
04 Min Read

While we know that you love to have your Bread-Omelettes or Peanut-buttered toast for breakfast, it is always good to deviate from the routine. Though a bowl of cereal provides for an efficient breakfast when you are haplessly rushing for work, it isn't the most delicious or satisfying. Many of you are well aware of the staggering diversity of cultures that live in our nation. Food, hence, becomes an important aspect binding the people of the country together. From the farmlands of Bihar to the snow-capped mountains of Himachal and even the lush greens of Andhra Pradesh, here is a list of breakfast items from all across India that you need to get a plate of before leaving for work every morning. 

Luchi with Dry Aloo Torkari, West Bengal


Luchi and dry aloo torkari

The breakfast of champions from West Bengal captures imaginations with its array of flavours. The dry aloo torkari dish along with the fresh, puffy, crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth delicious luchis make this Bengali dish one to keep coming back for.

Jalebis, Uttar Pradesh 

The popular North Indian sweet, Jalebi

Though they might look pretzels, Jalebis have a soft corner in every North Indian’s heart. Eat it warm or cold or for breakfast or as a dessert post-dinner, this diverse delicacy is one to treasure. Begin your day with flavorful optimism or end it with an unyielding smile – all you need is a plate of Jalebis.   

Siddu, Himachal Pradesh 

Freshly prepared Himachali Siddu with pure ghee and chutney

I know all of you are familiar with the snow-capped Himalayas that run through Himachal or gorgeous layers of snow that make this state a paradise during winters and popular getaway during the summers. But, have you heard this traditional Himachali breakfast dish made from wheat flour stuffed with a mouth-watering combination of onions, chillies, coriander, and poppy seeds. Known as Siddu, this dish from the mountains should be had with ghee and green chutney.

Chole Bhature, Delhi/Punjab

Chole Bhature

As Delhi/Punjabi as one could get, Chole Bhature dominates the landscape of the national capital. Bhaturas as light as a feather along with chole cooked in traditional Indian rustic spices make up for an absolutely mind-boggling meal.

Methi Thepla, Gujarat

Methi Thepla made using fenugreek leaves

Ask any Gujarati the importance of a Thepla and just watch them praise it endlessly. A breakfast, lunch, and a tea item, Theplas are made from a mixture of whole wheat flour and fenugreek leaves eaten with tangy mango pickle.

Thalipeeth, Maharashtra

Thalipeeth from Maharashtra

I know when you think of Maharashtra the first thought that comes to your mind is Sabudana Khichdi and vada. It’s time to change that and have a nutrient-rich plate of Maharashtrian special Thalipeeth. Made from multi-grain flour, it includes a variety of spices, rice, and tapioca.

Pesarattu Upma, Andhra Pradesh

Pesarattu Upma is a popular breakfast recipe from Andhra Pradesh

Unique, satisfying, and wholesome come to mind when I think of this extraordinary dish from Andhra Pradesh. A fine amalgamation of two South Indian dishes – the lentil dosa and semolina upma – the innovative Pesarattu Upma is a cherished gem of the state.

Puttu, Kerala

Popular South Indian breakfast puttu

Utilising the two ingredients that are a favourite of all Keralites – rice and coconut – the puttu is traditionally steamed inside a bamboo stalk. Looking similar to a rice cake, puttu is a delightful combination of rice flour and grated coconut which can be paired with an abundance of items such as a fish, chicken or egg curry. 

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