Monsoon At Visapur Fort

Monsoon At Visapur Fort
Photo Credit: Sayandeep Roy

Monsoon clouds surround the magnificent Visapur Fort in Maharashtra, making each rain-soaked step worthy of a hundred pictures and a thousand words

Sayandeep Roy
July 28 , 2021
03 Min Read

A part of Lohagad-Visapur fortification, Visapur fort is a hill fort near the vilage of Visapur in Maharashtra. It was built during 1713-1720 CE by Balaji Vishwanath, the first Peshwa of Maratha Empire.

These photographs explore the environment of the place during monsoon; the area remains covered in mist and it rains almost every day. At places, one can see patches of clouds moving around with rain pouring out of them, simultaneously. There is a stretch of the trek where one has to climb over a waterfall, and at the peak, it gets difficult to keep the eyes open for long, and the small waterfalls often flow partially upward, owing to the force of the wind! Given all that, it’s a beautiful place to visit during the Monsoon rains, which adds an ethereal quality to the historic grandeur of the place.


A small shop at the base of the fort. This is the last point where vehicles can reach. One can also walk up to this point from the Malavli railway station.

A woman serving tea inside the shop. A cup of tea is a great way to start the trek in the cold and windy weather.

A part of the Visapur fort as seen after an hour into the trek.

The peak of Visapur fort was supposed to be seen from this point, but was apparently invisible due to the dense cloud cover.

A part of the waterfall that one has to climb in order to reach the peak. With water flowing beneath the feet at a fast pace, it’s important to be careful at every step, in order not to slip.

A man enjoys the view just before reaching the peak.

A small pond at the peak of Visapur fort. This pond dries up during summer.

At times, the wind blows so fast that it gets difficult to walk!

The peak of Visapur fort, engulfed in mist.

Often, in such places, solitude is bliss.

An extension of the pond at the peak, which one has to pass while climbing down

The journey ends.

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