Much, much before digital filters were even a thing, there was the Holga camera. Its low price and poor design meant pictures that were blurred, distorted and prone to vignetting and light leaks. But it is these very defects that have created a cult following—of the filter-like aesthetic. Recently, a bunch of nostalgia-stricken people fundraised a pile of cash to create Holga Digital—a restyled, digitalised version of their favourite childhood Holga. The simple-to-use camera comes in four styles, including one that includes a Warholesque colour palette on the body. It is SD card-compatible, supports both square format and 4:3 ratio and includes USB cable support and two aperture settings—all the while maintaining the original optics that gave Holga its signature dark corners and vivid images. You can even use it with old Holga lenses. $86, including shipping;