Top Street Foods To Enjoy In Chennai

Top Street Foods To Enjoy In Chennai
Sundal is a straightforward street food prepared with coconut, raw mango, dried peas, and asafoetida. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Take a walk through the streets of the city and take your pick among some lip-smacking snacks

Antara Chatterjee
March 12 , 2023
02 Min Read


There is no snack you will ever enjoy if you don't fall in love with the masala sundal sold at the charming beaches and roadside kadais in Chennai. It is a straightforward street food prepared with coconut, raw mango, dried peas, and asafoetida. It is ideal to eat them while breathing in the cool ocean air because you can typically find them close to the beach.



Once a poor man’s dish, Boli is among the most delicious street foods in Chennai. The aroma of hot-hot boli will surely draw you to a nearby stall. It is basically a sweet refined flour paratha stuffed with mashed toor dal, jaggery, charoli, cardamom, nuts, and raisins. If you have a sweet tooth, you must try this street dish.

Podi Uthappams & Mini Idlis

When you are on the lookout for street food in Chennai, two things you will always find at every corner of the city: Mini idlis and uthappams. The uthappams are loaded with pure ghee and a generous sprinkling of podi  or gunpowder. Just like their cousin the gunpowder dosa, these uthappams and idlis are a delicious snack that should be on your must-try list.

Atho Man

Atho Man, one of the most well-liked street dishes in Chennai, is actually a Burmese dish. But ever since it’s appearance in Chennai it has become so popular there that no one can remember where it comes from. Atho Man, however, is a dish of basic orange-coloured noodles blended with fresh, raw veggies. People waiting in line to purchase a dish may be seen at little shops serving Atho Man in nearly every street corner of Chennai.

Nei Podi Dosa

Crispy gunpowder dosas with a generous amount of ghee, chutney and sambar, this is a must have when you are strolling the streets of Chennai. Hot off the pans, you would see people queuing up to hog on the crispy from the outside and glazed with ghee inside dosa, doused with a generous helping of gunpowder or podi. 

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