5 Must-see Sites Near Shivamogga

5 Must-see Sites Near Shivamogga
The Jog Falls near Shivamogga. Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Prasanaik

Take a tour of Shivamogga, on the banks of River Tunga, in Karnataka, which is back in the limelight due to its recently inaugurated airport

Pranay Jain
March 09 , 2023
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Shivamogga is known as the Gateway of Malnad because it serves as the entry point to the mountainous area of the Western Ghats. The city is located 569 metres above sea level, encircled by verdant green paddy fields, areca nut and coconut plantations. It is 267 kilometres from Bangalore, the state capital of Karnataka, and 195 kilometres from Mangalore, the harbour city. Now, with its new airport, Shivamogga has become highly accessible. This has opened a new portal for you to reach there and experience the district's and the city's natural and cultural ethos. Here are five places to visit when in Shivamogga.

Jog Falls


It is one of India's tallest cascades, known as Gerusoppe Falls, Gersoppa Falls, and Jogada Gundi. During the rainy season, the falls provide a magnificent view, with rainbows appearing from time to time. It is one of nature's beautiful creations in thick evergreen woods. The impact of these stunning falls is increased by the wild and beautiful region surrounding it, which is densely forested.


Located at 2,725 feet above sea level, Agumbe lies on the road to Udupi and 35 kilometres from Thirthahalli Falls. It is also known as the Cherrapunji of South India because it gets the most rainfall in the area. This location draws visitors during the summer and winter due to its spectacular sunsets. The site is bordered by densely forested hills, tiny streams, and ghats.


A hilltop retreat with sweeping views of the Western Ghats, Kodachadri is covered in verdant woods. Located at 1,411 feet above sea level and 115 kilometres from Shivamogga, it provides the ideal getaway from hectic daily life. The location draws many hikers from all over. The first part of the slope is extremely steep and challenging to climb. The slope declines almost perpendicularly for 4,026 feet on the west, reaching the South Kanara forests below. The sea appears nearby, and you can see ships passing by on a clear day.

Tyavarekoppa Lion Safari

A lion-tiger expedition, which started in 1988, is about 10 kilometres from Shivamogga on the route to Sagar village. The safari spans 200 hectares of thick forest. Lions, tigers, cheetahs, bears, deer, and uncommon migrating species may be seen. The woodland department organises recreation and sightseeing trips daily.

Sakrebylu Elephant Camp

Elephants from the surrounding woods visit the site every day early in the morning and spend time in the nearby water body. They depart as the sun rises, only to return the following day. You can even hear the elephants trumpet on your journey here, from Shivamogga to Thirthahalli, a route of 14 kilometres. 

The Information

How to get there:

By air: The Shivamogga Airport is serviced by all airlines. Mangaluru is the other nearest airport at 185 kilometres.

By railway, and road: Shivamogga is well-connected by rail and road routes from Bengaluru, and the rest of Karnataka. 

For more information, check the website and this. 

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