Five National Parks in Europe You Must Visit

Five National Parks in Europe You Must Visit
Bohemian Switzerland National Park in Czech Republic. Credit: Shutterstock

These national parks offer incredible landscapes and wildlife and fewer tourists than the continent's more prominent spots

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January 19 , 2023
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Are you an admirer of nature, forests, lakes, flora and fauna? Then it's time to discover the most beautiful national parks in Europe. Yes, you read it right. In addition to cities brimming with rich culture and architecture, Europe is also home to some of the most breathtaking natural wonders in the world, where forests and rugged landscapes dominate. Thus, here's a look at the five must-visit national parks in Europe.

Bohemian Switzerland National Park, Czech Republic
The Bohemian Switzerland National Park was established 22 years ago to protect the area's flora and wildlife, which had suffered significantly over decades due to human interference. The park is currently a popular location in the Czech Republic for reintroducing extinct animal species, restoration of salmon to the Kamenice River being an example. A vacation here is quite colourful with dense foliage contrasted with sand, rocks, and crystal-clear waters.


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Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
One of Croatia's most visited natural areas is the Plitvice Lakes, especially in the summer when the lakes' vibrant waters spring to life. Depending on the time of day and the mineral makeup of the lakes, they range from deep sapphires to dazzling turquoise. It offers a variety of options to visitors, with four separate hiking paths, thousands of plant species, and cascading layers of pools. Plitvice is also ideal for climbers looking to stroll over the wooden boardwalks.

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Lake District, United Kingdom

Lake District is a vast area of green surrounded by ragged mountains and tranquil lakes. Each year, millions of tourists travel there to unwind amidst the scenic surroundings and charming market towns. It offers planning services for a stargazing tour and a bike ride, in addition to plenty of walking paths and various water activities.

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Cinque Terre National Park, Italy
Cinque Terre, meaning "five cities" in Italian, is among the smallest on this list in terms of surface area, but it excels in biodiversity, mindful activities, and cultural assets. Giving back to the earth is encouraged for visitors by staying at one of the park's numerous organic farms or by gathering and replanting some herbs, like rosemary and thyme.

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Göreme National Park, Turkey
The valleys of Turkey's Göreme National Park are well worth seeing for their remarkable beauty. UNESCO has referred to them as "amazing" for the peculiar formations of their degraded landscape going back to the Bronze Age. To fully experience the charm of this stunning terrain, opt for a hot-air balloon trip, which takes place on the grounds of this park every morning at sunrise.

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