What To Shop For In Mussoorie

What To Shop For In Mussoorie
At Sabri Bought & Sold bookstore on Landour road, books as old as time are up for sale for nominal prices. Picture Credit: Antara Chatterjee

From woollen sweaters and socks to mouthwatering food and scribbled old books, there is a lot to unearth in the Queen of Hills

Antara Chatterjee
January 04 , 2023
03 Min Read

You’re cold and walking the winding lanes of a hill station. But it’s not as bleak as it sounds because in Mussoorie, even when the blue cold of winter bites, there’s always a myriad of colours and smells to warm you up. Here are some things you can pick up from Mussoorie and take back home for your family and friends.



When in Mussoorie, dressing appropriately for the weather is of utmost importance. The Mussoorie mall road is teeming with clusters of shops that have woollens like socks, mittens, sweaters and scarves hanging out of them, beckoning your cold body inside. Note that prices are easily up for bargaining and so quote your best price; more often than not, they match it.

Where: Tibetan Market, Mussoorie Mall Road

Best Buys: Rainbow-coloured mittens cum gloves and thick warm socks with fleece lining.

Mandwa Snacks

Be it momos, or bhaturas, or even fries–in Mussoorie, the things you can create with mandwa or finger millet are limitless. Try the sumptuous momos, slightly darker in colour than your regular momos because of the flour; it is the best snack in the city you will taste.

Where: Library Chawk, Mussoorie Mall Road

Best Buys: Mandwa momos and fries.

A gush of warm sweetness greets you as you somehow manage to get inside the perpetually full Landour Bakehouse. Credit: Antara Chatterjee

Orange Marmalade From Landour Bakehouse

Landour Bakehouse is an iconic landmark of the Mussoorie cantonment town of Landour. A gush of warm sweetness greets you as you somehow manage to get inside (there is a perpetual wait outside the doors). Although their crepes are the best desserts of the lot, if you need to pack some for home, try their orange marmalade slice. Its citrusy fresh taste and subtly sweet aroma will surely be a hit with family and friends.

Where: Sister’s Bazaar, Landour

Best Buys: Classic cinnamon crepes and the lemon curd filling crepe with a drizzle of almond flakes on top.

Turkish Ice Cream

If you like a little entertainment with your dessert, try the Turkish ice creams at one of the many stalls on Mall Road. They have different flavours, and they do this trick where they will juggle a scoop of ice cream with a long stick and tease you to catch it before putting it on a cone. 

Where: Library Chawk, Mussoorie Mall Road

Best Buys: Try their simple cinnamon-flavoured ice cream. 

Old And Rare Books

Old and used books and trinkets in glittering antiques shops are not easy to find in Mussoorie, but you have to be on the lookout. One of the few we found was the Sabri Bought & Sold bookstore on Landour Road, where books as old as time are up for sale for nominal prices.

Where: Landour Road, Mussoorie

Best Buys: Check out their old and used books aisle and pieces of ancient stamps.

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