Travel Is Like Meditation: Savi And Vid, Aka 'Bruised Passports'

Travel Is Like Meditation: Savi And Vid, Aka 'Bruised Passports'
The couple started their blog about ten years ago. Credit: Bruised Passports/Website

In an exclusive conversation with us, Instagram stars Savi and Vid, popularly known as "Bruised Passports," revealed the motivation behind their decision to travel full-time, unforgettable expeditions and more

Kartikeya Shankar
November 10 , 2022
03 Min Read

Savi and Vid, popularly known as "Bruised Passports," started their blog about ten years ago to travel the world together and build a nomadic lifestyle. The pair, who have garnered a loyal following of viewers who follow their travels around the world through their beautiful photographs, recently published a book with the same title that details their story after numerous flights to far-off places. Here is an exclusive interview with them, in which they discuss their journey thus far, standout moments, and more.

Cover of 'Bruised Passports'. Credit: Harpercollins


Why did you decide to go with the name "Bruised Passports"?

Our passports are battered and discoloured because of all the visas and stamps on them, hence the name "Bruised Passports."

Tell us something about your journey.
We started blogging ten years ago when the word "influencer" did not exist. Both of us had full-time jobs at the time. We consciously worked towards our plan by saving money for collecting experiences and future travels. Finally, in 2015, we decided to leave our full-time jobs and follow our dreams of exploring the world together and establishing a location-independent lifestyle.

Savi and Vid at Tbilsi, Georgia. Credit: Bruised Passports/Website

What are some of the most exciting places you have been to?
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala: It's hard to reach, but it is extraordinary. It's beautiful, and the highlight for us was practising our broken Spanish at the local markets, bargaining for the creamiest avocados, and exploring villages untouched by time!

Faroe Islands, Denmark: They are not on everyone's travel radar, but they should be. The archipelago, nestled between Norway, Iceland, and Scotland, ensures panoramas and dramatic fjords without a soul in sight. Driving through glacial valleys and scenic cliff-top villages with less than a dozen houses is an experience like no other.

Any memorable experiences?
Savi: Of the many memorable trips we have taken, the one that truly stands out was the month we spent in Peru. It was our first trip after quitting our day jobs and transitioning to being full-time travellers and entrepreneurs. But being in Peru and realising that we now had the luxury of time to explore new placesinstead of cramming everything into a short trip based on annual leaveschanged something in both of us. It was the trip where we realised we wanted to travel full-time with each other and make our entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

Vid: There are many experiences around the world that we have loved so far, but my favourite will have to be driving around Iceland in winter. I remember we were heading back to our cottage in the middle of nowhere after a day of exploring. We were tired when suddenly, out of nowhere, the pitch-black sky was lit up with green and purple lights dancing across the sky. We couldn't resist parking our car on the side of the road and just sitting there, hand in hand, marvelling at the beautiful sky, the tiredness slipping away from our bodies. At that moment, nothing else matteredjust us and the gorgeous night sky of the Snæfellsnes peninsula that night.

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