Pride Marches In India That Will Give You A Sense Of Hope

Pride Marches In India That Will Give You A Sense Of Hope
Pride walks take place to honour and respect the LGBTQIA + community. , Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Love is all about embracing diversity, uniqueness and equality

OT Staff
June 08 , 2022
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June is celebrated across different parts of the world as pride month which recognises LGBTQIA + identities. The celebration and the marches take place to educate people and create awareness. Streets bustle with people from different walks of life, embracing their uniqueness and claiming their own space in this world. The street is filled with rainbow flags and myriad cheerful colours and laughter. Pride walks take place to honour and respect people belonging to LGBTQIA + community. After all, love is love. Here are places in India which celebrate uniqueness with much grandeur and fervour.
Queer Azaadi March, Mumbai
Started in 2008, the Queer Azaadi March commemorated empowerment and freedom. The march starts from Gowalia Tank and concludes at Girgaum Chowpatty. Along with this, Mumbai Queer Film Festival is also held. It aims at bringing social change through different LGBTQIA+ centric films and movies.
Queer Pride Parade, Delhi
The nation’s capital where the historic verdict gave people a sense of belongingness, has several pride marches that have been taking place for years now. The most prominent one is the Queer Pride Parade which started in November 2007. The march starts from Barakhamba Road and ends at Jantar Mantar via Tolstoy Marg.
Namma Pride March, Bengaluru
The Silicone Valley of India always has events up on its sleeves. Located in the heart of Karnataka, the capital city has held marches in different styles like the first-ever Lesbian Dykes on Bikes march and more. The most noteworthy pride march which is held every year is Namma Pride March. It started way back in 2008 and is an annual fest. Along with this, the Bangalore Queer Film Festival is held every year to honour LGBTQIA + and other gender minorities via films and movies.
Rainbow Pride Walk, Kolkata
It is said that Kolkata Rainbow Pride Walk (KRPW) is South Asia’s oldest pride walk. Dating back to 2nd July 1999, the first march was held in Kolkata and continues to make its presence felt each year. KRPW also holds various activities like creating posters, workshops, creating awareness etc. The city also organises India’s oldest LGBTQ + Film & Video Festival every year. It started in 2007 as an annual cultural event in the city.
Reel Desires, Chennai
The city which offers pristine beach views and pious temple visits, celebrate people and their uniqueness. Tamil Nadu is also the first Indian state to recognise the rights of transgenders. Reel Desires, also known as The Chennai International Queer Film Festival, was started in 2004. The panel discussion is held on various issues of LGBTQIA + such as inclusivity, and interaction with filmmakers, photography, art exhibition and more.


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