Missing Road Trips? Let These Songs Take You on a Journey

Missing Road Trips? Let These Songs Take You on a Journey
Songs that must be on your travel playlist, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Rolling wheels over the crackling gravel, a splash of fresh blown dust, the intoxicating hum of the roaring gears and the lullaby of the wheezing winds, some songs sound just like that.

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January 25 , 2022
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Does music make you travel? Symphonies taking you to the beaches under the sun or musical notes taking you down to the old forgotten streets of a lost town or a lost soul? Some songs remind us of rides; they take us across boulders and over pebbles to curvy roads. 

Missing the life of road trips? Let these songs take you on a journey


Boulevard of Broken Dreams | Green Day

This iconic song by the famous California band, Green Day found its way to our ears back in 2004. The song takes the analogy of a man walking on a lonely and empty road that is familiar to him. It gives words to the feeling of loneliness and emptiness in a person who keeps living in oblivion. Disconnected from the world, distanced from the self, the man is lost and wishes to be found again. The chords produce a sensation of movement. It reminds one of the steady, solitary and contemplative road trips, ones saved for oneself.

A song meant for a contemplative road journey

Old Town Road | Lil Nas X

This popular song by young American rapper, Lil Nas X is our go-to track for any road trip. With a prominent country overtone, the song will make you imagine a countryside road with cowboys riding into the sunset. The song talks about the endless countryside adventures of these men who plan to ride till the end of their lives. With the lively thumping music and exciting beat of the rap, the energy of the song can be scaled on your speedometer.

A song perfect for a countryside journey

Home | Tom Rosenthal

The most beautiful road journeys are the ones that bring you home. Hearts enveloped with the warmth of memories and a desire to be reconciled with your loved ones, the melody by the English singer is a perfect cure for hearts aching to find a home. Sitting by the window of the car, your tired eyes gazing at the drowning sun against the blue of the sky, seeing half-lit cottages along the margin of the road, that feeling of going to a place where you belong, a place that shall never satiate you enough. The sweet chirping music of the song gets even better with some magical words at the end you would crave to sing back, “Mother I am coming home.”

A song that takes you home

Banjarey | YoYo Honey Singh

The soul of the song by the famous Indian rapper can be captured in a picture of some travel junkies on the bike, riding all along the narrow- curvy roads of Ladakh. With nowhere to reach, the carefree roadies ever hungry for adventure can relate well with the upbeat song. Lively strings can take you to long road rides, in times when the journey is more enticing than the destination.

A treasure for roadies

Milon ka Yaarana | Ankit Tiwari

A beautiful composition by the singer for a bike commercial not only worked well for the brand but found a place in everybody’s heart with its touching words. The song was beautifully penned down to bring out the close and long lasting relationship of the bike with its owner but also symbolically brings out a person’s never-ending connection with travel. 

A perfect song for family trips

Journey Song | Shreya Ghoshal, Anupam Roy

The song featured in the popular film Piku describes road journeys to their best. Singing about accepting different flavours and pace of such a journey, the song beautifully draws a picture of the excitement associated with a road ride, with winds caressing your hair and a plethora of melodies coming from all directions. It talks about how a road journey can be intoxicating and can make you forget all worldly worries in a short time. The sweet middle chorus in Bengali can instantly take you to the streets of Calcutta.

 A song that takes you to streets of Kolkata


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