Gear To Keep Your Furry Friends Safe During Travel

Gear To Keep Your Furry Friends Safe During Travel
Travelling with pets is a unique experience, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

From portable bottles to sanitisers and trackers, here is a quick list of things that you must keep for a pet-friendly travel!

Mallika Bhagat
January 12 , 2022
04 Min Read

Pets are family. And our generation, with an incurable wanderlust, sure likes to travel with their furry companions. This change is also being seen in the hospitality business, which has moved in a pet-friendly direction to cater to the growing demand of travellers looking for hostels and hotels that will cater to their companions. While your house has all creature comforts to give your pet a royal stay, we have compiled a list to ensure your pet has a great, even on the road.



Pet Sanitiser

Sanitisers keep your pets safe while on the road

Want to play in the park with your furry baby on trips too but Covid-19 on your mind? Make sure your pet is sanitised even on the go. Wiggles has launched India’s 1st Instant Pet Sanitizer that’s vet-approved. It is also easy to use. Open and gently spray on your pet’s paws or coat 3-4 times daily or as advised by your veterinarian while avoiding eyes, mouth & open wounds.


Portable Water Bottle

Portable and mess-free, these bottles are a must-have for pet parents

Imagine the mess pets make while drinking water, even at home. For travel, you need a handy tool, and it is here these portable pet water bottles come into play. With an attached bowl-like drinking handle at the end of the bottle allows your pet to easily quench its thirst while travelling. Anreoner’s pet water bottle is made with high quality flexible food-grade plastic, which is BPA-free, durable and recyclable.


Waterless Bathing Solution

This body cleanser spray cleans your pet’s body and fur

Want to skip bath time? Too cold for a bath? Wiggles has a quick waterless solution to keep your pet clean in between bathings. Their easy-to-use body cleanser spray cleans your pet’s body and fur and keeps it spick and span, especially after a fun play session or a hike in the hills. It removes dead skin cells and body odour without upsetting the pet's skin's pH balance and prevents skin infections too. 


Backpack Carrier

These carriers allow your pets to travel safely

A restless pet, especially one which isn’t used to the rigour of travelling, is quite a handful on the road. For such a frisky companion, you must invest in a cool backpack carrier. With air holes in place, these backpacks are convenient to the pet and also portable. Additionally, a transparent screen will allow your babies to see everything. Trixie William Backpack Dog & Cat Carrier will hold up to 30kgs weight and can be purchased on Heads Up For Tails website. 


First Aid kit

An emergency kit lets you deal with small injuries while travelling

Pets, much like their humans, are prone to injuries while travelling. So, for their safety, investing in a good first aid kit is a must.  Wiggles Emergency Care Kit for Dogs & Cats is equipped with essential medicines & instruments needed for your pet in times of emergency to tackle ailments like vomiting, allergies, fever etc. From eyedrops to gauze and bandages, you will have everything needed for an immediate solution to unfortunate accidents. Make sure to be calm in these situations. 


Pet Tracker

. WAGR is India's 1st location & fitness tracker for your pet

Keeping track of your pet is always important, especially when you're far from home. Wagr can be attached to your pet’s collar and pairs seamlessly with its companion app. Once you get it set up, you'll be able to receive information about your pet's location, fitness details and more. With Wagr, you can track your pet’s location using high-precision GPS and get alerts if they leave the safe zone created by you.


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