The Best of Both Worlds: Beyond Designs Bistro

The Best of Both Worlds: Beyond Designs Bistro
Inside the modern bistro,

A South Delhi restaurant has elevated the fusion of Modern European and Asian fare, with a superb design aesthetic. Come and see

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September 09 , 2021
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They say many good things about the high-end decor and design sense at Beyond Designs Bistro, which opened up earlier this year in the capital. The neat European-style establishment that adjoins the chic luxury interiors store of the same name, is on the lips of everybody who has partaken of sophisticated Continental fare with an Asian twist. We had the opportunity to be impartial judges of its exclusively culinary offerings when the restaurant home-delivered a few choicest pickings from their menu. 

Tasting notes
The packaging, done impeccably in glass jars, is the first thing that stands out. However, one quickly forgets about the formalities upon first tasting the Bistro Special Noodles Basket with Chicken and Lamb. This is clearly the star of the show, with the tenderness of the meat coalescing with the noodle sauce and zesty herbs nicely—we only hope we can devour this out of a bowl the next time there's a chance.


Bistro Special Noodles basket with Chicken and Lamb

Next up is the Basil Chilli Chicken, which complements the noodle basket really well. The classic Thai recipe is followed by an evergreen comfort dish—a Ricotta and Spinach Shell Pasta—with a modern spin in the form of roasted pepper sauce and fresh grilled veggies on the side. The understated creaminess is divine and consummately representative of the bistro's peppy flavour profile.

However, I'm not much of a pasta-eater, so I really look forward to the Broccoli and Chicken in Red Sauce with Red Rice, a hearty combination with a whole smorgasbord of flavours and textures. The rice packs juicy, sprouty earthiness to go with the savoury duo of chicken and broccoli. The preparation is distinctly Asian-style—this is a dish that stands out on its own, independent of the several-course routine. 

 While at the outlet do give the steamed Thai flavoured fish a shot

For dessert, we get a Duty-Free Snickers Cheesecake and a Mango Mousse, both of which are sinful. The former enjoys an in-house stamp, but it's the mousse that really gets me sighing with joy. The mango erupts in part-foamy, part-gooey goodness, and the minimal mint garnish on top is just perfect. 

We’d Go Back For
The Kaffir Lime and Basil Lemonade seems to be quite popular (and for good reason), but we're tempted to step the bowl selection up and try their Korean Rice Bowl. Beyond Designs also has an interesting selection of breakfast specials that reflect the bistro's emphasis on classic recipes with a wholesome edge. We're also torn between Vietnamese-style Yellow Curry with Pad Thai Noodles and Portuguese-Spiced Chicken Breast.

Did You Know?

Earlier this year, the restaurant delivered affordable breakfast, lunch and dinner platters to those affected by COVID-19 all over Delhi NCR. 


Where: Khasra no. 432-434, MG Road, Sultanpur, Delhi

Price for two: Rs 1,600 approx

Order via: Zomato (or call 09717741360)

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