Solo Tripping in a Post-Covid World

Solo Tripping in a Post-Covid World
Travelling to remote, extraordinary places is what 2021 will be all about , Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Like to explore things on your own? Here's a look at what's in store for solo travel this year

Chhavi Chadha
March 05 , 2021
03 Min Read

The pre-pandemic world already had a growing thirst for travel and the restrictions imposed due to it has only fanned the desire to explore, discover and document the best destinations of the world. The freedom to simply pack a bag and go on a holiday just because onecould is one that will never again be taken for granted. Travel has now become a necessity and a privilege at the same time.

Another major change that the pandemic brought into people’s life was a significant increase in the amount of time spent and enjoyed with oneself. Self-discovery and personal growth gained much prominence on our collective agenda and hence, solo travel is expected to make a comeback in the biggest way ever as travellers seek ways to spend quality time with themselves. Moreover, solo travelling is one of the more practical ways to travel as it reduces the chance to get infected and gives you complete control over the itinerary.


Here are a few anticipated trends in the context of solo travelling in a post-COVID world:

Thirst for Adventure
Adventure travel is going to pick up big time
After long stretches of staying indoors, it is only a natural human tendency to seek adrenaline pumping activities that help you get out of that rut. A major chunk of solo travelling is, hence, expected to be driven by adventure and thrill-led experiences that can give people a sense of achievement and the satisfaction of doing something extraordinary.

Travelling like a Local
A large part of solo travel is discovering and interacting with various cultures and communities. More and more travellers are looking for experiences that enable them to live as a part of the native community of the destinations and not feel like an outsider, a spectator. A feeling of inclusivity and mutual respect is another derivative that travellers are likely to focus on.

Working Out of a Suitcase
Travelling for work is a part of the new normal
With most companies opting for remote work and other flexible arrangements for employees, a top trend that is likely to gain momentum is travelling with your work, as opposed to using travel as a break from it. Solo travellers can choose for longer stays at one destination and make temporary homes out of them as their work is unlikely to get disrupted.

Demand for Meaningful Experiences
Travel is yet to become a regular norm in the post-covid world and parameters like crowdedness and hygiene will be kept in consideration while drafting an itinerary. Solo travellers are therefore, expected to include lesser known, more meaningful activities in their travel plans rather than indulge in highly touristic sightseeing experiences.

Choosing Less Popular, Accessible Destinations
Travelling to remote destinations will be on everybody's bucket list
The primary condition for any traveller in a post-COVID scenario will be accessibility to a destination. Long distance or cross-continental travel is yet to begin in full swing and this has forced travellers to find easy-to-reach destinations closer to home in a bid to avoid crowded places and be in close proximity to their home in case of emergencies. Nature spots and wellness getaways are definitely going to be a focus area for both solo and group travel.

In conclusion, 2021 is going to be the year to check off your long-standing bucket lists and fulfilling promises that you made to yourself. One might even be encouraged to travel more simply to make up for lost time and travel often since we now know the kind of value that travel adds to our otherwise mundane lives. 

Chhavi Chadha is the founder of Bespoke Tailormade Experiences

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