All About Cacao

All About Cacao
The 55% dark chocolate,

A new indulgence for chocoholics, Sheetal Saxena and Nishant Sinha’s artisanal brand, COLOCAL is all set to school you on the craft chocolate world

Roshni Subramanian
February 19 , 2021
03 Min Read

How did this Willy Wonka world come about?
It all started with an inquisitiveness. Once we were scrolling through Instagram and saw something getting roasted, which was not coffee. It was cacao. We didn’t know anything about the craft chocolate industry. So, we did a lot of trips to educate ourselves. We took a trip for 20 days to the whole of south India to meet the craft chocolate makers there. After coming back, the first thing that we did is we bought ourselves a small grinder and started making chocolates on our own. I feel all you need to have is strong dedication. 

The duo behind COLOCAL

There must be a lot of groundwork involved. tell us a bit about the travels you had to undertake?
We went to Pondicherry. And then to Coimbatore, Udumbannoor, Chikamagalur, Bangalore. Though it’s mainly known for coffee, they also grow cacao there. 

What are the challenges that you had to overcome?
The lack of information available was definitely one of the major hurdles that we had to break through. The experts in the field didn’t want to reveal the tricks of the trade. We wanted to overcome this so that more people in the future who want to get into the craft chocolate industry don’t have to face these issues. 

The interiors of COLOCAL

How did your experience in the coffee industry help you out?
Nishant is the first and only cacao roaster in India. So that really helped us. He’s also a certified sensor and understands the notes behind coffee and now the notes of cacao. He played a vital role in setting up the recipes and understanding the acidity part. His contribution was of great help especially in terms of getting our technicality right. 

Could you explain the term 'craft chocolate'?
Craft chocolate is a lot like speciality coffee. The makers handle the entire process from the bean to the final bar. They do it on a small scale following all the processes. Each one of them has their own representations in terms of the chocolate that they want to present to the world. 

What has been the impact of the pandemic on business?
For us this was never business. It’s a completely product-driven place. Our
main aim was to educate people on the bean-to-bar concept and open the industry in whatever little way we can. Things got delayed a bit for sure. But this wasn’t a bread earner for us, otherwise we wouldn’t have opened during the pandemic. 

What according to you is the USP of COLOCAL?
I believe it’s the product, the quality, the people and our transparency. 

Chef Recommends: Sheetal Saxena’s picks from the menu

Gluten-Free Twice-Baked cake
The sinful indulgence

I am very proud of this recipe and it has worked wonders. I’m not your conventional baker but this cake is a really simple dessert and complements the chocolate so well 

55% dark chocolate
Made with in-house chocolates, some milk and the right amount of sweet and spicy notes, the rich texture of the drink makes it more soothing, apt for the biting winters 


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