Guten Appetit! With Delicacies of Germany

Guten Appetit! With Delicacies of Germany
The Dresden Stollen is a Christmas speciality in Germany, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

It is indeed a good appetite when visiting Germany, with great food combining the richness of vegetables and traditional recipes

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January 28 , 2021
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Food in Germany is deeply rooted in tradition and culture. It is a fusion of beliefs and ingredients. From the traditional wedding soup, the steaming hot bread dumplings, the seasonal asparagus platter to the German Christmas pastry that is popular worldwide, the cuisine of Germany is an array of local and regional vegetables. Most German recipes use bread, potatoes, meat and parsley, not to forget a fine wine should accompany all delicacies. Here are 7 traditional German dishes to discover the country via its palate:

Altmark Wedding Soup
Regarded as a foundation for a happy marriage, the Altmark soup known as ‘Altmarkische Hochzeitssuppe’ and hailing from the Altmark region of Germany, is traditionally served as an appetizer at weddings. It is prepared using clear meat broth and is served with hot meat dumplings, egg garnish, chopped parsley and asparagus. The ingredients used in the Altmark soup are easily found in German households and it is a quick delicacy to prepare. 


Bavarian Bread Dumplings
The quintessential Bavarian dumplings in a sauce

Bread dumplings or authentic Semmelknodel is a delicacy that has a special place in the Bavarian palate. These milk soaked bread dumplings are drenched in rich gravy and are often served with mushroom sauce. With parsley, pepper, nutmeg, eggs and bacon used in the process, the Bavarian dumplings are like flavourful edible packets. A German delicacy that makes use of crusty and unused bread, these dumplings are a true favourite. 

Dresden Christmas Stollen
The Christmas special Dresden Stollen
A sweet confection that is deeply rooted in the German tradition, the Dresden Christmas Stollen is at the heart of German baking. It is also unarguably the most famous Christmas pastry in the world. A Saxon delicacy, the Stollen is made up of flour, yeast, butter-dried fruits. ‘Sultanas’ or seedless grapes, also known as Thompson Seedless, are soaked in rum a day before baking this special pastry. When prepared, the Stollen is dusted with white icing sugar. 

Frankfurt green Sauce
The traditional green sauce served with eggs
A regional speciality, the Frankfurt Green Sauce is a blend of seven specific herbs that grow in Hesse namely- curly-leaf parsley, chives, chervil, salad burnet, sorrel, borage and cress. Prepared using lemon zest, crème fraiche, vinegar and sour cream, this herby German sauce always accompanies boiled potatoes and hard-boiled eggs. A serving of the German beef brisket is also incomplete without the Frankfurt Green Sauce. Frankfurt locals believe that their favourite sauce was famous German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s favourite too. 

Nienburg Asparagus Platter
The much anticipated spring season of Germany is a signal to savour the Nienburg Asparagus Platter. Also called Nienburger Spargelteller, this delicacy relies on the delicious white vegetable asparagus, which is also popular by the name of ‘royal vegetable’. The white asparagus is traditionally cultivated in Lower Saxony. The Nienburg platter comprises asparagus, smoked ham, potatoes and melted butter, which is often replaced by Hollandaise sauce. Germans enjoy this rich and nutritious platter with a dry Silvaner. 

The fried fish with a side of spinach
A traditional meal one can find anywhere in Hamburg, Pannfisch or Fried Fish is prepared using fish fillet. The delicacy gets its name from the act of frying, since the word ‘frying pan’ is roughly translated to ‘Pann’ in German. Deglazed with wine and stock, Pannfisch is a blend of sauteed potatoes and juicy translucent fish, with cream and mustard. The delicacy is then served with sauce. 

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with German National Tourist Office, India.

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