A Stay-At-Home NYE Guide for a Pandemic Year

A Stay-At-Home NYE Guide for a Pandemic Year
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All those planning to stay at home, we’ve customised a New Year’s eve guide unique to a pandemic-riddled 2020 year-end

Urvi Shah
December 30 , 2020
20 Min Read

New Year’s Eve is around the corner, and a residual Christmas spirit graces the holiday season. It seems like a surge in coronavirus infections, and the emergence of a mutated variant of COVID-19 is set to jeopardise our end-of-the-year plans, and reduce the countdown chant to a faint ticking of the clock against our wall. 

Nevertheless, it’s time to un-furrow your eyebrows, and quit brooding. We’ve customised a New Year’s guide unique to pandemic-riddled 2020. Comprising handpicked sets of streaming events, playlists, movies, and recipes galore, each contingent on varying moods, this stay-at-home edition might just set the tone for your home-bound celebrations. 


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Map your way to global events condensed into the scope of a screen, trace your steps to Spotify’s specially-curated playlists, tuck yourself under a warm duvet for a movie night, and weave a few desserts into our dexterously-crafted NYE guide. Sounds tempting enough, doesn’t it? Enough to rival a night out? It’s a vehement yes! 

A Trip to Tomorrowland

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Belgian’s iconic music festival is set to host an online concert featuring twenty-five high-profile artist performances across four digital stages. The line-up includes David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Major Lazer, and DJ Snoopadelic among a whole set of EDM, house, and trap DJs. Tickets start from €20 (INR 1809), and work their way up to €50 (INR 4524). Get yours here.

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Drag Race’s Most Iconic

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Leading drag management agency Producer Entertainment Group, in collaboration with Sessions Live, a virtual concert platform, is putting together an eleven-hour show featuring sixteen of the most iconic drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race. Apart from a display of extravagant costumes, you can expect performances by BeBe Zahara Benet, Divina De Campo, and Trinity The Tuck. Get your tickets here.

A Dramatic Affair

Now, you can watch NYC’s primary event ringing in the New Year through your devices. Witness the festivities leading up to the iconic Times Square ball-drop, along with a coruscating display of fireworks, a shower of confetti, backstage access, behind-the-scene stories, interviews, and special appearances. The six-hour free livestream will feature a succession of performances by Gloria Gaynor, Pitbull, Anitta, Jennifer Lopez, Cyndi Lauper, Machine Gun Kelly, and numberless other artists. Direct your own NYE by selecting from multiple camera feeds to access different parts of the occasion. Catch it here.

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A K-pop Comeback

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Weverse, a fan-oriented platform, is about to host a K-pop concert right outside South Korea’s Seoul. With BTS spearheading the festival, a line-up of artists including TXT, G-Friend, NU’EST, Bumzu, ENHYPEN, Halsey, Steve Aoki, and Lauv will perform their hits 9:30 PM KST onwards. A live audience, too, will complement the set-up. Tune in on the 31st of December via Weverse. Secure your e-tickets ASAP to gain access to multiple screens. Prices start from 39,500 KRW (INR 2645).

Dua It Right

YouTube is ringing in NYE with a ‘Hello 2021’ livestream across India, Korea, UK, USA, Japan, and India. Dua Lipa, along with a glamorous line-up, will be headlining the India, UK, and America streams. Watch it here.

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Start With a Bang

As an explosive kickoff to 2021, the city of Las Vegas will ‘detonate’ a 2020 sign as soon as its countdown clock strikes zero. The event is supposed to personify the world pulling the shutters on 2020, and ushering 2021 in with hopes of a brighter future. A 12-15 minute pyrotechnic display of fireworks, confetti, and streamers will follow. Tune in here.

A Package of Playlists 

These playlists are curated with the intention of connecting with a larger segment of individuals. 

  1. Rendezvous with Nostalgia:

If you’re feeling particularly reminiscent, Spotify’s Best of the Decade: 2010s might just thrust you into a nostalgia-overdrive. A treasure trove of songs birthed between 2010 and 2020, this playlist compresses your youth into a cluster of memories, each associated with a distinct emotion that transcends time. A few songs, including Riptide, Rude, and Jar of Hearts, tap into a recess within you that’s been teetering at the precipice of obscurity. 

We know 2020 hasn’t been ‘memorable’ per se. This playlist might just remedy that. Prep yourself for a cathartic session, and indulge in a hearty meal while this plays in the background.

  1. A Ceaseless Christmas:

For those who’ve not managed to haul themselves out of the Christmas spirit yet, a night of Christmas-themed music, complemented by a cup of piping hot chocolate, should make for a serene set-up. The Christmas playlist, comprising a spectrum of songs produced by artists through the years, is sure to morph New Year’s Eve into a masqueraded Christmas. And who wouldn’t love Christmas 2.0? Station your speakers in the hall, lure your family out of their lairs, and sway to the tunes of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ once again. Switch to Christmas Carols for a more traditional vibe.

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  1. To The Tunes of Disney:

A conjunction of tracks from The Lion King, Brave, High School Musical, Toy Story, and movies alike, dovetail into what seems like a portal to your childhood. In a world that shadows your every step, and fosters not a modicum of certainty, isn’t this only thing that anchors you to simpler times? 

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A tip? If you tune into the playlist twenty-eight minutes before New Year’s, Hakuna Matata is likely to permeate the room on the stroke of midnight. Isn’t that just the right way to kickstart 2021?

  1. Throwback to Summer:

Summer Songs, a playlist tucked into the crevices of the app, chronicles throwback hits exclusive to the 80s, 90s, 2000s, and 2010s. Tune into this playlist for an invigorating conclusion to the year.  

An Assemblage of Movies and Series

  1. The Rom-Com Enthusiast: 

Treat yourself to three days of recurring rom-coms. We have lots to cover, and one night isn’t quite adequate. Start off with Four Weddings and A Funeral. Hugh Grant. That’s enough of a reason, isn’t it? 

Add The Rewrite, Two Weeks Notice, Notting Hill, and Love Actually to the list. Let Whatever It Takes, My Best Friend’s Wedding, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Failure to Launch, and When We First Met accompany the aforementioned recommendations. For a modern twist, usher in Work It, Crazy Rich Asians, No Strings Attached, Crazy Stupid Love, and Set It Up.  

Mismatched, Home for Christmas, and Dash and Lily are ideal series to binge-watch at the precipice of 2020. Also, Emily in Paris is perfect for a dose of Paris and romance. Most of these are available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Happy rom-com watching! 

  1. The Comfort-Seeker:

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All of us have a few go-to shows we return to because of how safe they feel. Gilmore Girls seems pretty fitting for this category. I mean, imagine inhabiting a town that feels like Santa’s home, and living amidst people that are more like family to you. Who wouldn’t want to see that? Friends, Mom, Modern Family, and Big Bang Theory qualify too. 

  1. The Christmas Hangover: 

Christmas movies are never truly out of trend. Polar Express, The Grinch, The Grinch Stole Christmas, Four Christmases, Last Christmas, Jingle All The Way, Holiday in the Wild, Deck the Halls, A Christmas Story, Die Hard, Miracle on the 34th Street, Klaus, Gremlins, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, The Preacher’s Wife, Christmas Vacation, A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, The Night Before, Scrooged, While You Were Sleeping, and Elf are a few movies that embody the Christmas spirit.

Oh, and did we mention Home Alone, and its subsequent sequels? That one’s an unsaid addition, really. 

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  1. Road-trippin’?:

Almost Famous, Dumb and Dumber (yes), Easy Rider, Into The Wild, Little Miss Sunshine, The Motorcycle Diaries, National Lampoon’s Week, Bonnie and Clyde, The Muppet Movie, and The Sure Thing are a few movies, of varying themes, that are pivoted on travelling. Oh, and ZNMD is another addition, without a second thought.

Mix these up, and indulge in a movie-night where you have all your options laid out before you. 

Recipes For a Novice

Assuming most of us aren’t quite acquainted with cooking, baking, or crafting, here are a few recipes that are easy to follow, and work as satisfying conclusions to your meal. Sure, it’s convenient to order readymade waffles, chocolate-layered pancakes, and multi-flavoured shakes from restaurants, cafes, or ice-cream parlours, but where’s the sense of accomplishment?

  1. A Nutritious Bowl

    Smoothie bowls are accommodative in the way that they assimilate your favourite fruits, nuts, and cereals into the mix. For a blueberry n cream recipe, blend one cup of frozen berries, half a cup of yoghurt, and a quarter teaspoon of pure vanilla together. Always place frozen fruits at the bottom for a better consistency. You can top off the resulting concoction with sliced bananas, chia/pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts, and additional blueberries. This is suited for one person. Adjust the measurements according to your sensibilities. 

  1. A Pancake Station 

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Purchase a Betty Crocker ready-made pancake mix from a supermarket in your neighbourhood. Don’t forget to bill in a bottle of Nutella, a packet of almonds, and a few toppings of your choice. For a Snicker pancake, buy peanut butter as well, and substitute the almonds for more peanuts. Think of crushed Oreos, Toblerones, and Ferrero Rochers as toppings, and build a Coffee by Di Bella station at home. Add milk to the pancake powder as per the instructions at the back of the box, and concoct flavours according to your liking. Adjust the size of your pancakes to fit a tiny box, or a larger plate. 

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  1. Mangoes? In December?

Melt a box of mango ice-cream. Transfer it into a bowl. Retrieve a few fruits from the refrigerator, slice them up, and stir them into the melted mix. Place the bowl in the refrigerator for a few hours. Once it has set, you’ll find that it has adopted a creamy, custard-like texture. Without any effort, a loaded custard at your disposal.

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  1. A Chocolate-Laden Shake

Pour a cup of milk into the blender. Add two spoons of Nutella, one spoon of peanut-butter, and few ice-cubes to the milk. Blend the ingredients together. A chilled shake that’s just as excessive as the ones you get at cafes for exorbitant rates. You can vary the measurements as per your liking, and top it off with marshmallows or chocolate chips.

  1. Marshmallows? Or Rasgullas? 

Sounds bizarre, doesn’t it? Trust us on this. Squeeze the juice out of a few rasgullas. Simultaneously, melt a box of vanilla ice-cream. Now, fractionate the rasgullas into smaller pieces, and pour them into the cream. Refrigerate the newly-altered product for four hours. The resulting item exudes a creamy consistency, the rasgullas feel like marshmallows, but with a subtle contrast in the former’s texture.

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