So Sci-Fi: Would You Don These 5 Futuristic PPEs for Safer Travel?

So Sci-Fi: Would You Don These 5 Futuristic PPEs for Safer Travel?
Ordinary masks are so yesterday, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Enter the dystopia of the pandemic as these unique PPE kits take you back to the land of 1950’s science fiction, and to the future simultaneously

September 10 , 2021
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In a very democratic pandemic, spreading across borders, race, gender, class, COVID-19 has imposed an equally democratic need for coverage of our faces with masks to reduce the risk of infection. To this serious situation at hand, architects and designers have their own twist with unique collections of Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs) which will take you back to the nostalgia of 1950’s sci-fi theme, and perhaps also to the future.

Travelling is resuming its pace and so is the parallel need for protection. Hence protective gear has been picking up demand across the world. People are flocking public places again,  albeit carefully, as countries lift travel restrictions and airlines encourage people to resume travelling. This is creating a space for alternatives to the ordinary face masks. Combining fashion, utility and design, and in many cases, inspired by science fiction, these take the term 'travelling safely' to quite another level.

Check out these futuristic PPEs for a safer and 'space-age-aesthetic' travel

Berlin based art collective Plastique Fantastique has taken a unique approach to traditional face masks by creating a helmet-like design by joining two hollow hemispheres. The result, inspired from the science fiction comics of 1950’s and the utopian movements of 60’s, looks very pop. Amidst a serious atmosphere, I-sphere brings in a hint of humour in these dark times, while assuring users of its ability to protect against the virus in public places.

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Plastique Fantastique founders Marco Canevacci and Yena Young were driven to create I-sphere in response to the regulation made in Berlin in April which mandates coverage of mouth and nose. I-sphere is an open source design for anyone to download, produce, develop and improve.

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This visor acrylic helmet with HEPA filters powered by fans designed by Micro-Climate is being compared to science fiction and the similarities cannot be refuted. The unusual face covering has a helmet for a mask, and provides better protection not just against the virus but also against pollution and changing climate environments with its built-in air filters. 

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AIR might look too futuristic but with the unpredictable events happening in 2020, this helmet would not be the strangest thing to sport. For one, it does give an unobstructed view to the user and definitely checks the list for 'space-age-aesthetic'. 

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Be a Batman
A Chinese architect and designer, Sun Dayong, has taken inspiration from the very thing which is said to have caused the pandemic (the bat) for his Be a Bat Man protection gear. It is a wearable shield made from carbon fibre and PVC film, modelled in the shape of bat wings.  The shield protects the user by using UV lights in order to sterilise itself.      

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It can be worn as a backpack, with the PVC film stretching in between the supports to give the resemblance of a bat wing’s membrane.

Club friendly PPE kits
In a twist to both clubbing and personal protection equipment, creative studio Production Club has designed a face mask that can be donned as a fashion accessory which is perfect for clubbing, even during the coronavirus outbreak. An attempt to accept the new normal while trying to return to the normal, this suit claims to allow people to safely gather in nightclubs and experience clubbing like never before.

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The airtight Micrashell suit is designed to cover the entire upper half of the body and includes an in-built system which lets the user consume drinks and vape comfortably without having to take off the shield. 

Key Workers Mask
Freyja Sewell took cues from science fiction and Buddhism to create these decorative masks dedicated to key workers who remained at work during the pandemic. Her masks are fashioned out of commonplace objects which can be found at home, such as pool table triangles, yogurt pots, felt etc.

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A celebration of frontline workers, these masks serve the purpose of saying a ‘visual thank you’ while being used as PPEs. Drawing on styles from science fiction series like Star Trek,  she places heavy emphasis on symmetry. Sewell tries to reframe our perspective of viewing the pandemic by dedicating them to the services of people who have kept their duty and safety of other people above their own.






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