5 Waterfalls Near Ranchi you must Visit this Monsoon

5 Waterfalls Near Ranchi you must Visit this Monsoon
View from Hundru Waterfall in Jharkhand, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Nothing will wash away your lockdown blues quite like the roar of a waterfall

Karan Kaushik
June 16 , 2021
03 Min Read

English humourist Terry Pratchett once quipped that waterfalls are good for five minutes before people begin to wonder if they could get coffee nearby. Well, we don’t fully agree with him here. Waterfalls may not lure everyone but we can’t dismiss the fact that seeing one almost always garners a primal reaction. By the time, we’d be venturing out to travel post the lockdown (keeping our fingers crossed), the monsoon will be here in full swing. Waterfalls and monsoons are a match made in heaven.

And when we talk about waterfalls, we can’t forget the sylvan state of Jharkhand. Embarking on a waterfall trail in Jharkhand will take you through unsullied forests, while also introducing you to gorgeous back-to-nature tribal habitats. Here are five waterfalls near Ranchi, that must be on your monsoon bucket list.

Dassam Falls

Nestled in the lush fringes of the Ranchi Plateau, Dassam and its stunning surroundings are a big draw for nature lovers and families who like to picnic. This one gets its name from the Mundari word ‘Da-song’ which means ‘the act of pouring water’. They are truly a sight to behold up close as they tumble down in all their glory.

Dip your feet and enjoy

Hundru Falls

You'll be reluctant to leave the charms of Hundru, a popular tourist spot. Falling from a height of 322 feet, the water hits massive black mountain ridges of basalt rocks here; the crystal white water perfectly complementing the rocks. A pelt of algae canvases the ridges with shades of orange and green and little shrubs sprout from the cuts and crevices. At the base of the falls, the rush of the water, however, mellows, forming a frothy pool where you may fancy a rejuvenating dip. Hundru also offers a range of thrilling experiences for the adventurous. 

The pool at the base is perfect for a swim

Jonha Falls

Possibly the most majestic falls in the state, Jonha falls from a height of 56 feet. The falls are one of the safest around Ranchi. Also visit the smaller Sita Falls next door, where you can soak in a therapeutic and blissful ambience at leisure.

One of the safest falls near the city

Hirni Falls

If you are someone who loves finding shapes and patterns in clouds, mountains, and everything in general, the Hirni waterfalls will leave you bewitched. They are so named because the flow on the mountainside resembles a sketch of a wild doe. Prepare to be enchanted by a glorious sprawl of sal trees, as it is around the falls that the Saranda Forests, Asia’s largest sal forests, begin.

Surrounded by gorgeous forests and mountains, they are a treat for the lens

Panchghagh Falls 

Finding its way through a jagged terrain, river Banai cascades into five different streams, forming beautiful little rivulets through a cluster of rocks. These five streams together form the Panchghagh Falls. The landscape skirting the waterfalls features massive boulders spread across uneven rocky terrain, while the trail leading to the falls seems drenched in serenity with butterflies flitting about in droves.  

A visit to the falls is pure bliss

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