Here is a Checklist for that Weekend Break

Here is a Checklist for that Weekend Break
We have a checklist for your next getaway, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Have the most fulfilling getaway from your 9-5 job with this checklist

OT Staff
March 15 , 2020
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With increasing stress in life, today’s generation has taken to travelling as a culture rather than just an annual tradition. Whenever we know we might get a chance to get away (like that long weekend), we start searching for places in advance because we are not a generation who looks forward to a weekend at home after a week at a 9-5 job.

In order to make most of these little breaks, you need to keep in mind the things you just cannot forget to take on your journey. To help you always be prepared (but not too much), here is a checklist we have designed for frequent travellers.

Neck Pillows
Neck pillows are here to make your journey easier

If you have ever faced severe neck pains after dozing off in the wrong position, you already know the importance of this. To save yourself from an aching neck and a ruined trip, always keep a neck pillow in the back of your car.

Ice Box
Hours of driving can completely exhaust you, leaving you lethargic and sleepy. What better than having a chilled drink to freshen up? An ice box will help you keep drinks (and even your cold foods) at the temperature you like.

& Stirred Cocktail Mix
Add the fun element to your next trip with & Stirred

Travelling is a lot about indulgence and our very recent discovery that is sure to add a lot of flavour to your travel is this young/quirky cocktail/mocktail brand of mixers. We always loved the idea of sipping on a sangria gazing at the sunset from a hilltop or hosting a cocktail party at a campsite beside a river. & Stirred is clearly a ‘not to miss’ brand for your next getaway. With seven cocktails to choose from (Cosmopolitan, Mojito, Margarita, Pina Colada, Bloody Mary, Sangria, and Kamikaze shots), you are in for a big treat in the wild. What makes these cocktail mixes a must to carry along is their simplicity, no fuss recipe. Simply add ice and your favourite alcohol or soda for a well-made cocktail or a sober mocktail. 

Portable Speakers
Who doesn’t like some fun music and dancing when you want to let your hair down? That’s what your speaker can let you do when you play your choice of music! So integrate a little clubbing into your quick getaway trip!

Mosquito Repellents
We’ve all heard the saying ‘good night, don't let the bedbugs bite’ but this applies to mosquitoes too. Therefore always keep a tube of mosquito repellent handy whether you’re planning to stay indoors or outdoors. 

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