Experience 24 Hours in the 'City of Palaces'

Experience 24 Hours in the 'City of Palaces'
The Mysore Palace at night, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Royalty is what the streets of Mysore exude

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February 18 , 2020
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One of the cleanest cities in the country, Mysore boasts of a culturally rich heritage that can leave visitors spellbound. The city's culturally engaging history and its sweet affair with Mysore Pak makes it popular with travellers. Here is what you should not miss if you are in the ‘City of Palaces’ for a short stay:

Start Your Day with a Hyperlocal Breakfast
The traditional Mysore Masala dosa tends to be on the spicier side

The Mysore masala dosa has gained popularity all over the country. However, it doesn’t get better than the original Mylari dosa. A portion of butter melting on top on a freshly prepared warm dosa is what food heaven. We assure you that you won’t stop at just one. And do not miss out on a filter kaapi to complete your meal. Located in a dingy lane, you will find the original Mylari dosa. Might we suggest reaching early as it begins to get crowded early in the morning.  


Palace Run
Mysore Palace in the evening

The City of Palaces is a treat for those who love magnificent royal structures. Touring around the city involves getting through myriads of palace passages and learning about how the city of Mysore came about. Shifting rulers gave the city their touch and the palaces speak of their legacy. A visit to the Mysore Palace and Jaganmohan Palace is not to be missed. The Indo-Saracenic structure of the Mysore palace is a sight to behold. Apart from that, one should visit the Karanji Mansion, Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion as well as the Lalitha Mahal. 

Relive Childhood
Quite recently, the 90s kids of the country had a reason to rejoice. RK Narayan, of Malgudi Days fame, spent a considerable time of his life in Mysore. His house, located at a close distance from the center of the city, is now open to visitors. We suggest you pay the house a visit in the afternoon, and relive those childhood memories. 

Soak Yourself in History
Retro car and some tourists walking around the royal Palace of Mysore
Mysore is full of surprises if you look closely. One that we spotted? All heritage buildings in the city are a particular shade of yellow. While touring through the city you will come across several other culturally rich secrets as well. After visiting the palaces and RK Narayan’s house, we suggest you head to the Devaraja Market in Mysore. Hailing from the time of Tipu Sultan, the clock tower at the market was where all major announcements were made before technology did better. Dingy, chaotic but totally worth the trail, this market holds a special place in the heart of the residents.

Go for a Mysore Pak Taste Run
The sweet came into existence when it was accidentally created

If you have a sweet tooth and a thing for desserts, you will be in heaven in the city. Its signature dessert, Mysore pak, has won a lot of hearts. Each variety has a wholesome flavour of its own. We suggest you go on a tasting trail while in Mysore. Disappointment is the last word that’ll strike your mind. 

Visit Chamundi Hill
This one needs no introduction. Located at a comfortable distance from the main city, an ancient stairway leads to the temple atop a hill. Once there you can see the Mysore Palace in all its grandeur. We also suggest you stay there for the duration of the sunset. Post sundown, head back to the Mysore Palace for the evening lighting ceremony. You have to buy the tickets in advance as it gets quite crowded during the later part. The palace all lit up is a sight to behold. End your day with a casual stroll around the palace at night, soaking in the vibes of the city. 

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