7 Travel Guinness World Records You Did Not Know Existed

7 Travel Guinness World Records You Did Not Know Existed
Could you believe someone travelled 12,159 kilometres on a skateboard? Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Most travelled toy mascot? Longest distance on a skateboard? What other offbeat records did you not know about?

Sahana Iyer
February 06 , 2020
03 Min Read

My nighttime routine (possibly devastating to health nuts and beauty gurus) includes sprawling over my mattress with a face flaunting half-on-half-off makeup and scrolling through social media. A few days ago, I came across the title “World record for most Big Macs consumed in a lifetime”. As someone who enjoys intellectual inputs, I had to click on it. Undoubtedly, they were the most interesting two minutes of the year. And then, my curious travel-writer self couldn’t help but spend an additional hour researching travel records. What I found is that past the typical “Youngest person to visit all continents” and “Oldest person to summit 7 mountains”, there is a slew of pretty peculiar records. Here are some of the most unbelievable Guinness world travel records to make it on the books: 

Most Travelled Toy Mascot


Raymondo, a bear owned by iSpy, a UK-based company, has travelled an impressive 6,26,714.8 kilometres with a suitcase filled with travel goodies, clothing and, of course, a passport. A dedicated website blogged the journey for every mile travelled. From September 27, 2009, to September 3, 2010, the bear travelled across 6 continents and 35 countries.

Rob Thompson currently holds the record for longest journey by skateboard

Longest Journey By Skateboard

Starting point: Leysin, Switzerland. Finish point: Shanghai, China. Mode of transport: Skateboard. Rob Thompson, a New Zealander, travelled an astonishing 12,159 kilometres on his humble skateboard from June 24, 2007, to September 28, 2008. While the journey was only a section of a longer trip including various modes of transportation, the skateboard travel was the lucky fraction to make it to the books. 

Fastest Time To Visit All Disney Theme Parks

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that ‘the happiest place—rather places, in this case—on earth’ has been on everyone’s bucket list. However, to visit all the Disney Theme Parks in merely 75 hours is quite a feat. This was accomplished by Lindsay Nemeth, a Canadian citizen, on December 6, 2017. This attempt was also to raise money for the Air Canada Foundation.

Most Countries Visited On A Single Tank Of Fuel

With a single tank of fuel, RAC and Audi UK managed to traverse 14 countries. On June 9, 2015, Rebecca Jackson and Andrew Frankel (both from the UK) started their drive in the Netherlands and ended it the next day in Hungary. The entire journey took them 28 hours to complete. 

 Eamonn Keaveney holds the record for Longest Barefoot Journey

Longest Barefoot Journey

No shoes, no open laces, no distractions while walking. Eamonn Keaveney from Ireland accomplished the record of the longest barefoot journey to raise awareness for Pieta House: Suicide and Self Harm Crisis Centre, as a tribute to a late friend. He started his journey in Claremorris, County Mayo on May 1, 2016, and circled back to the same location 104 days later on August 12, 2016. 

First Band To Play On All 7 Continents

The famous band Metallica became the first band in history to perform on 7 continents in 2013 when they played a concert in Antarctica. The audience included 120 scientists and competition winners. The concert took place in a transparent dome at Carlini Station. In fact, the band played in all 7 continents in one year!

Longest Birthday Ever

We all want our birthday to last forever. While USA resident Paul Morgan did not accomplish that, he did manage to make it a little longer—48 hours, to be exact. Morgan flew from Apia to Auckland to Los Angeles, finally landing at Kauai, Hawaii, to make the most of distinct time zones. He accomplished this on his 28th birthday on February 3, 2018.   

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