Yule Love This: 7 Of The Best Christmas Drinks

Yule Love This: 7 Of The Best Christmas Drinks
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Sharmistha Chaudhuri
December 15 , 2019
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Christmas is right round the corner and we just can’t stay calm. It’s the season to be jolly, indulge in sweet treats and enjoy the cold weather with some traditional drinks depending on which part of the world we are at. Christmas-inspired cocktails are all the rage but we talk of something a little different: drinks that are so intrinsically linked to this festive season that one can’t imagine sipping on them at any other time. So, follow our guide and enjoy the best of Christmas drinks.



Think Christmas drinks and its always eggnog that comes to mind first (thanks to American television imports all throughout the 200s). This is a version of the Dutch beverage called advocaat which is made with eggs, sugar and brandy. Eggnog on the other hand has milk/cream, sugar, whipped eggs and rum (or brandy). While the eggnog’s origin can be traced to medieval Europe, the first recorded reference of it was from 1775 when Jonathan Boucher, a Maryland clergyman and philologist wrote a poem about it.

Want to try a glass of eggnog?

Hot Buttered Rum

Think rum, butter, cider, spices and sweetner: that’s your typical hot buttered rum. Its popularity grew in the 17th century after Jamaica began importing molasses to America and distillers began to add rum to hot beverages. Usually the recipe calls for rum batter, a recipe that is still popular for it was found in the 1917 publication of the The Ideal Bartender which describes it as butter, sugar and nutmeg.

Oh, so yum, hot buttered rum!

Mulled wine

Now, mulled wine goes back a long way. It is said to have originated in the 2nd century when Romans heated wine in the winters for warmth. With the growth of the said empire, the popularity of mulled wine grew and in the Middle Ages in medieval Europe, people started adding herbs and spices to give it a bit of a kick. It was only in the 1890s that the Christmas association with mulled wine began which has continued till today.

Can you just imagine the divine smell of a pan filled with fresh hot mulled wine?


A mulled wine variation specific to German-speaking regions, this is more fruity than the usual and is extremely popular. This ‘glow wine’ has the additions of brandy and citrus and spices aplenty. The oldest documentation that speaks about this variation is found from the early 1400s when a silver tankard belonging to Count John IV of Katzenelnbogen, the first to grow Riesling grapes, was specially made to hold this concoction. Gluhwein can be found all across Germany today with vendors selling it for warmth on cold nights in markets.

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Across Europe, some mulled wine variations are: Bisschopwijn in Netherlands, Greyano Vino in Bulgaria, Forralt Bor in Hungary, Grzane in Poland, Van Fiert in Romania.  


This Chilean drink almost feels like a cross between eggnog and a White Russian cocktail. The exact origin is unclear but the theory is that this drink will make you swing like a monkey as the literal translation is ‘monkey’s tail’! The drink is made with aguardiente, milk, sugar, coffee and cloves.

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Ponche Navideno

This is what a Christmas punch is to Mexico. While punch or panch has its origins in India (five ingredients to give it a fine balance: sour, sweet, spirit, water and spice), it was discovered in the 17 th century by British East India Company employees and soon this drink became associated with festivities. The drink was brought to Mexico by the Spanish and today, while there are 100s of varied recipes, the basic one calls for brown sugar, guava, apple, sugarcane, hibiscus, tamarind, cinnamon and hawthorn.

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Poppy Seed Milk

In Lithuania, poppy seed milk is a drink that is included in the 12 dishes that are specially served on Christmas Eve supper or Kucios. The preparation is lengthy: poppy seeds soaked, crushed, strained; repeated until a good amount of concentrate emerges. It is then diluted with water and finally, some sweetener added to give it a Christmasy feel.  

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