Delicious Namesake: Would You Visit Or Be Too Tempted To Eat?

Delicious Namesake: Would You Visit Or Be Too Tempted To Eat?
These strangely named places will get you starving Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Christmas Pie (avenue), Eggs and Bacon (bay), Margherita...would you visit these places that share their name with your favourite foods?

Sahana Iyer
October 24 , 2021
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Popular destinations often take priority on a person’s bucket list. Then come those who wish to explore the more offbeat options around the world. However, there are many places that are left unknown to a traveller’s itinerary. There is a prominent subsection of places that have strange names. Some named with just a single letter, or some that spell out profanities. Well, we found a delightful collection of places that are named like foods. Check out these deliciously named places across the world and where they get their names: 

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Eggs and Bacon bay


We don’t blame you for immediately imagining a bay literally made out of eggs and bacon. We wish, right? A rural location in Tasmania, Australia, was originally thought to have been named after a breakfast food enjoyed by Lady Jane Franklin, the governor’s wife in the 18th century. However, it was recently revealed by the Huon Valley Council that the place was actually named after the wild eggs and bacon family of the pea family. Unsurprisingly, PETA has proposed for the town to change its name to Apple and Cherry Bay, a “vegan-friendly” alternative.

Christmas Pie Avenue

It would be impossible to not think of Christmas food all year round at this hamlet. Nestled into the Parish of Normandy, the settlement got its name from a prominent family of landowners named Christmas (what a fortunate name to have!). The Saxon term “pightel” or “pightle” lent its nomenclature to the following ‘Pie’. The words meant a small piece of arable land. Surprisingly, no member of the Christmas family is now present in this area. Strange! The place was also named by Royal Mail as one of the most festive street names in the UK.


Pizza lovers, hold onto your slices. This town is the namesake to one of the most popular pizza options. Situated in north east Assam, this town was originally called Ma-Kum. However in the 19th century, the town was named Margherita after the Italian queen by the chief engineer in the rail section C R Paginini. The town is known for its collieries that were developed during the British rule. It is also called Coal Queen due to its thriving coal business. Many other industrial setups including tea and plywood are now developed in this town. 

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Pie Town

What sounds like a dessert enthusiast’s dream, is actually a tiny unincorporated area in New Mexico, USA. It is believed that the town once was home to a local who sold confectionery and desserts, mostly pies to travellers on the route. This is where the name of the town is said to have been derived from. The interesting name of the city is not very indicative of the culture as there are only a handful of stores that sell pies. These few stores are said to sell pies to live upto. The area is very attractive to artists as the place is quiet and perfect for people who enjoy solitude. A tiny population inhabits this town. They even have an annual pie festival. 

Meat Mountain

Unsurprisingly, popular American chain Arby’s has a burger called meat mountain. Surprisingly, there is a place in Alaska that is also called Meat mountain. The mountain gets its name from the Eskimo word “Nikipak” which also means meat. The summit is in North Slope Borough, Alaska at a towering height of 2,513 feet. Many people actually embark on trails and treks on this strangely named mountain. 

Soda Springs

A city in Idaho, United States, Soda Springs actually owns up to its strange name. The city is named after its natural springs of carbonated water. In 1937, the famous Soda Springs Geyser was discovered when the founding fathers of the town were trying to fix a hot pool. However, they accidentally drilled into a chamber of carbon dioxide that mixed with water. It is now controlled by a cap and a timer. Ever hour, it erupts upto 100 feet. You can also visit Thomas Corrigan Park, Daughter of Utah Pioneers Museum and Octagon Spring Park if you plan to pay a visit. 


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