Books To Read Before 2019 Comes To An End

Books To Read Before 2019 Comes To An End
Books that transport you to another world Photo Credit: Unsplash

With the year drawing close, here are five books that will inspire you to travel

Anshika Nagar
October 16 , 2019
05 Min Read

Where books can transport you to a world of magic and fantasy, of science and space, some books wind their way into your soul, triggering a thud of wanderlust. Beware, they might make you forget your real-life duties in favour of seeking adventures and enjoying what this world has to offer. We think it makes for a good deal, but the decision is yours. 

Inspired Traveller’s Guide: Literary Places, by Sarah Baxter


An escapist read that works like a balm to the soul. Sarah Baxter’s Literary Places is every reader’s dream. The book is a tale of places that have inspired works of fiction in the past. Each place is an experience in itself, from London and New York to the beautiful valleys of Spain and moreover, the many religious capitals of the modern world. The accompanying illustrations by Amy Grimes are vibrant and downright beautiful.                                                                                                   

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 Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know, by Sir Ranulph Fiennes

We worry that this book might scare you, but it is a chance we are willing to take. Sir Ranulph Fiennes lived a truly remarkable life and Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know is an honest, deeply personal account of his adventures. He has travelled to inhospitable, cold climates, climbed mountains and even ran seven marathons in seven days after a near-fatal heart attack. It is quite a tale, and as his father-in-law puts it, Fiennes was Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know. 

Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure, by Sarah Macdonald

A quirky take on rediscovering India, Holy Cow is Sarah Macdonald’s second experience with the country and this time, it is for love. The author moves to India for her boyfriend and confronts the country of chaos, cows and the culture. The good thing? She is willing to experiment, learn and face everything that makes the country. The novel is deeply funny and introspective too, in a way that would make you want to travel around the country.  

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The Geography of Bliss, by Eric Weiner

The goal was simple: to find destinations that bring peace and happiness. Eric Weiner takes on this journey as an experiment and travels from the happiest to the least happy places in the world (from Bhutan and Iceland to Moldova, and more). In this quest, he experiences like a local, asks questions and seeks answers. A unique travelogue, that inspires you to travel, where each place adds more and more to your being. We do like this philosophy.  

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Around India in 80 Trains, by Monisha Rajesh

There is a way to India’s heart and it is through rail. The Indian version of Around The World In 80 Days, Monisha Rajesh pens down her adventure over 40,000kms in India. She travels exclusively through trains and experiences everything that comes with it, delays, crowds, and the food. There is variety in that too; from uber-luxurious trains to vintage beauties, to locals brimming with people, the book covers all. 

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