Best Travel Movies To Watch This Week

Best Travel Movies To Watch This Week
These movies will have you packing your bags right away Photo Credit: Unsplash

Here are five travel movies that will make you want to pack your bags and take a trip

Anshika Nagar
October 13 , 2019
05 Min Read

These are movies that will make you want to ditch your bed, maybe even your life. They make you want to pick a destination and pack your bag and just go. Movies that value the journey and the experience, and to soak in the beauty that the world has to offer. 

Meru (2015)


A gripping tale about an adventure of a lifetime, Meru is enough to inspire people into becoming mountaineers. The documentary, shortlisted for Oscars, takes on the climb to Shark’s Fin on Mount Meru in the Himalayas. Wanting to achieve their dream of climbing this 6,310m summit, renowned climbers Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk take on this white landscape not once, but twice. The movie captures their impossible feat with a stunning backdrop and some knee-jerking, near-fatal moments. 

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Call Me By Your Name (2017) 

While the movie itself is quite interesting, the backdrop to Call Me By Your Name is almost too good to be true. But it truly is. The Italian countryside is beautiful; quaint buildings, cobbled streets and lush valleys flanked by ripe trees. Shot in Lombardy, the scenery is enough motivation to book tickets instantly and, we hear that many tour operators are ready to recreate its beauty for a trip of a lifetime. 


Green Book (2018) 

Another Oscar-nominated work, Green Book has already inspired plenty of road trips. Named after a guidebook that helped people navigate the once-segregated America, the book offered restaurants, hotels and pitstops owned by black people. The movie narrates the journey of an Italian-American bouncer who uses the Green Book to escort a famous black classical pianist for his music tour in 1962. Though ridden with racial conflict, the drive around America in the movie has influenced people to look for the places that still exist, and some that have been turned to national monuments. 


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Expedition Happiness (2017) 

Expedition Happiness kicks your wanderlust as much as it prepares you for it. A travelogue and documentary, it begins with a school bus refurbished as a ‘rolling loft’. The filmmakers, a young German couple, embark on a journey to escape their mundane, big city life in search of the unexpected. They travel from Alaska to Canada and the US, taking in the adventure and the natural beauty that comes with a ride that long. The documentary shows their struggles in true light; from visa issues to dog troubles, all is laid out in the open. A lesson and an inspiration rolled in one.  


The Fundamentals of Caring (2016)

One thing: Paul Rudd on a road trip. Fundamentals of Caring is introspective, as it is charming, and is inherently about the journey to becoming a better, worldlier person. The movie, centred around Trevor ( who struggles with muscular dystrophy) and his caregiver Ben, is a drama-comedy that explores what it means to face the outside world for the first time. A simple narrative fueled by many lessons, great destinations and an emotional but fun disposition. 

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